Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Top 5 Image Ad Systems To Monetize Images

When it comes to blogging and money making the first thing which enters into every bloggers mind is advertising. Nowadays, even professional blogger's are trying to make use of every inch of a blog for advertising. Over these years various advertising networks had become a trusted source of income for many bloggers out there. Like text ads, contextual ads there are many image ad networks which provide a handsome amount of money. The internet is a place where you could find anything, but you can't say the thing is trusty or not unless it's certified by a user. Just do a google search about the image ads you will find 1000's of ad networks saying they are the best, they provides this much money and all. Out of that 1000's only handful of them are trusty rest are scam. If you don't want to be scammed, read this article before applying for any image ad networks. In this article i will list out the top image monetizing ad networks.

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#1 Luminate

Luminate is one among the best image ad networks, providing handsome amount of money to its publisher since 2000. You could check out the images on this blog and find out the performance of the ad system. Income generated from image ads are comparatively less when compared to contextual ad networks like adsense, etc. Let's check out the exciting features of luminate.

Features Of Luminate Ads

  • Social sharing buttons within the image.
  • Image overlay ads.
  • You could sell products by using the images in the blog.
  • Minimum payout is 10$.
  • Getting approved is quite easy since it doesn't have any minimum traffic rule.
Luminate ads could be used along with adsense, there is no worries about getting banned. This is a must use image ad system if you are looking forward to make extra money,

#2 Gum Gum

Gum Gum is very much similar to luminate , their main feature is image overlay ads. Minimum payout of this network is quite high 50$. I deliberately used the word high because it's difficult to earn something from an image ad, unless you are having a blog with high traffic. Gum Gum mainly focuses on US traffic, if you are having a good amount of US traffic then this network is better than luminate. Other traffics are just waste they won't convert. 

#3 Vibrant Media

Vibrant media is a leading name in the advertisement industry, Vibrant media had bought the image space media, which earlier was an image advertising network. Getting approved for vibrant media is quite tough for new websites with low traffic. Vibrant media pay well than any other ad network on this list. The minimum payment threshold is 50$. Vibrant media pay you through check or EFT. Vibrant media provide different forms of ad units ( which is not provided by any other ad networks on the list ). 

#4 Ad Media 

Ad Media is providing money to its publishers since 2007, it's a US based image ad solution with huge collection of ad formats. Getting an approved Ad Media account is quite easy when compared to vibrant media. Minimum payout amount (100$) is high compared to other four in the list.

#5 Affinity

Affinity is an ad network which can also be used as a Google Adsense alternative. Affinity is a pretty new ad network so getting approved is quite easy. The minimum payout is 50$. Main disadvantage using this network is that it reduces your page speed. This ad network doesn't have much variety ad units when compared to other ad networks on the list.


These are some of the best available Image Ad Network/Solution. I personally recommend everyone to try luminate because it's damn good compared to others. Please do share your reviews on other image ad networks. Use our comment section or subscription box for sharing your reviews. Hope you guys loved reading my post. Stay tuned to blogging nik for further updates.


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