Monday, December 30, 2013

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What Is Page Rank ? Tips To Improve Page Rank

Recently google had updated the page rank and it was really a shocking update for many because some of them didn't get paid for what they had done. Dec 6 ,2013 this blog had marked another milestone by improving its page rank from n/a to 2. Technically this update was much awaited one because it was almost a year google had updated its website ranking. Page rank update on May/June was cancelled earlier and rumours were spreading that google had withdrawn updating it's page rank. Let me give you a clear idea of what a page rank is and some killer tips to improve page rank. Read carefully and apply my tips on to your blog.

What Do You Mean By Page Rank ?

Page rank is nothing but an algorithm developed by google in order to rank websites on the basis of the link within their database. Page rank has nothing to do with your blog traffic, i.e. it doesn't mean that higher PR = lot of traffic. Page Rank scale varies from 1 to 10. 
Improve Page Rank

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How Is Page Rank Calculated ? 

During my initial days of blogging page rank and it's calculation methods were the biggest mystery. Sooner I found it out and following are the factors which affect your blog's page rank.

  • Inbound Links
  • Backlinks
  • Quality Of Links
  • Internal Links
  • Do-Follow Links
  • No-Follow Links
These are some of the main factors which determines the page rank of a blog. So try to improvise on the above factors am pretty sure you would crack a good page rank on the next google page rank update. Now let's check out some killer tips to improve page rank of a blog.

Methods To Improve Page Rank

1. Quality Content 

Content matters the most, when it comes to blogging the most important thing is the quality of the content. " CONTENT IS KING " always, so try to make quality contents. Never try to cook contents for the search engines make it for your readers.

2. Build Quality Backlinks

If you really want to improve your blog's page rank then you should start building quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are the most important factor in determining the page rank of a blog. In one of my earlier article I had described certain link building strategies to build quality backlinks. Read it. You could also build quality backlinks by submitting articles to article submission sites.  Another method for improving your backlink counter is by submitting the blog to web directories. 

3.  Update Regularly

Update your blog regularly i.e try to keep fresh and unique contents on your blog. Google rbots really likes to crawl on websites which updates regularly. If your blog is having a high crawl rate then you are supposed to have a good page rank.

4.  Social Bookmarking 

Nowadays social signals are very much important for the growth of a blog.  In order to earn social signals you must share your posts on social media. Sharing on social medias helps you to gain free traffic and a high pr backlink to your blog. So start sharing your blog updates on some of the listed social medias.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Digg
  • Stumble Upon

5.  Keyword Research 

We all know that keyword research is the back bone of blogging. If you are not doing it right then you won't have a place in search engine ranking positions. So try hard to find the exact keyword. Good keywords fetch you huge amount of traffic to your blog.  HUGE TRAFFIC = BETTER PAGE RANK. So start keyword researching if you haven't done it yet.

6.  Never Use Blackhat Methods

Never try to use any of  the black hat link building methods for improving the page rank. If you are using it sooner or later google would find it out and penalize your blog. Always try to use white hat methods and stay away from black hat methods so that you could stay safe. 


Hope you guys loved my article on tips to improve page rank of a blog. Please do follow these instructions carefully, you will be well equipped for the next pr update. Provide us your feedbacks and opinions on our blog and articles we would be very much happy to hear it.


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