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List Of Free Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

Nowadays blogging is bit difficult because of the changing trends in search engine results. Google has introduced many algorithms to wipe out the spammy and irrelevant contents from the internet, so one should be very careful while blogging. In this article I would list out the some of the top Instant Approval DoFollow Article Submission Sites from where you could gain high quality backlinks. In my earlier articles I had pointed out many things about the advantages of link building, link building techniques and the importance of getting quality backlinks. This list of free article submission sites helps you to gain search engine rankings and also increases your backlinks counter. All these article submission sites provide dofollow links to your blog. I think, I don't need to explain the advantages of having high pr dofollow links.

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Free Instant Approval Article Submission Site List

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The thing which you need to do is, just sign up to these article submission sites and submit your articles. Some  of the article submission sites like Ezinearticles requires high quality contents in exchange of a pr7 dofollow backlink. So stick to the quality of articles in order to gain more. Check out the list of article submission sites.


Ezinearticles is one of the best and the most used article submission site by the bloggers around the globe. Ezinearticles provide you a pr6 dofollow backlink in exchange of a quality content. Getting an approved account to ezinearticles is not that much difficult but getting an article approved by ezinearticles is quite difficult. They are quite strict in spelling and grammatical errors, so you should keep your side clean while publishing articles in ezinearticles.


eHow is another high PR article submission site where you could publish your articles in exchange for a pr7 dofollow backlink to your blog. eHow is ranked among the top 300 blogs by, a backlink from such a site worth something in your blogging career. They are also quite strict in maintaining the quality of articles.


I think i had specified the importance of Squidoo and Squidoo lenses in one of my earlier articles. Squidoo is one of the best way to build traffic to your blog and also a good link building technique. You could also make money from Squidoo lenses by selling products ( Affiliate marketing ), Squidoo feeds your blog with a pr7 backlinks and handsome amount of money to you. So what are you waiting for go start a Squidoo lens. Hubpages are also very much similar to Squidoo, so I am not mentioning it here.

List Of Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

These are some of the commonly used article submission sites, now i will point out some other article submission sites which may find useful to you  guys. 
  1.              -    PR 6
  2.               -    PR 8
  3.         -    PR 7
  4.             -     PR 8
  5.                   -    PR 6
  6.         -    PR 7
  7.         -    PR 6
  8.                   -    PR 6
  9.              -    PR 6
  10.                   -    PR 5 


You could find a long list of article submission sites on other blogs listen to my words bulk article submission may lead to the penalization of your blog. Try any 5 article submission sites in the list for building high PR 
dofollow backlinks. If you know any other good high PR article submission sites please let me know about it. I would consider it as a gift and will include it on my list. Hope you guys liked my post please do share and use the comment section for sending your feedbacks.


  1. Does hub pages is instant article approving site?

    1. Yes if your article is of good quality with good grammar.

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    1. Thanks bro for visiting and commenting. I will surely improve the list of article submission sites soon. For now these are some of the top sites which provide do follow backlinks in exchange of articles.

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  10. When I started posting on ezinearticles, they pointed out spelling and grammatical errors. But when I tried to remove them, it said that your account has been suspended. I recognize the importance of submitting good content to ezinearticles. So, can you suggest me how can I start submitting articles again?

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