Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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Best And Most Trusted Affiliate Programs For Indians

Affiliate marketing is an another trusted way of making some extra cash. There are many best affiliate programs available over the net. The biggest and the tougher task is selecting the appropriate affiliate programs. Selection of an affiliate marketing program is based on the quality and geographic location of the traffic to your blog. What is an affiliate program ? An affiliate program is nothing but an associate program which is used to promote products by some ad units ( given by the program ), if a visitor buys something from the promoted hyperlink then the webmaster will get paid ( commission) for it.

If you are having some good amount of Indian traffic then you must use of the best and the most trusted affiliate programs for Indians. I have compiled this list after a long research, hope this will be useful for you guys. Check out the list.

Trusted Affiliate Programs For Indians
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#1. Flipkart Affiliate Program For Indians

Flipkart affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs available for Indians. We all know that flipkart is the biggest and the most trusted online store in India, so getting an affiliate account on flipkart worth something. You could earn commissions up to 15% when a visitor clicks on the link/banner and make some purchase. 

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#2. Affiliate Program is India's no 1 travel site, if your blogging niche is related to something like travel, tour etc. then this is the best bid for you guys. You could earn 3%-5% on domestic flights and the minimum payout is Rs 5000.

#3. Affiliate

Amazon is the best affiliate program which is capable of producing a handsome amount of money at the end of every month. I knew many bloggers who are using it as a primary source of income. Towards the end of October moth amazon had started a store in India and so affiliate program also. So it's a great time for bloggers with Indian traffic. Minimum payout of affiliate is somewhere around 2500 INR. 

#4. Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator is one of the best hosting providers so becoming an hostgator associate worth something. You could get a handful of money even for a single purchase. Approximate amount you could earn is something around 2182 Rs per Signup. It's the best affiliate program if your niche is blogging.


These are some of the best available affiliate programs for Indians. We could add more details with your ideas and views. Use the comment section for sharing your views and ideas with us. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my article. Stay tuned for further updates.


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