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3 Terrific Ways To Improve Domain Authority

For getting ranked in search engine you need good Domain Authority for your blog. Domain authority is nothing but a scale to measure the authority of domains on search engines. It is very important for every webmaster to keep an eye on the DA of their blogs. Domain Authority and Page Authority are products of Moz actually it predicts the performance of blogs on search engines. There are many other scales ( other than PA and DA ) to measure the performance of a blog on search engines. Moz had modulated this scale according to the latest trends in the Google algorithms. Today, In this article I will explain you some of the terrific ways to improve domain authority of a blog.

Improve Domain Authority
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Why Domain Authority ? Ways To Check Domain Authority ?

I know you may be thinking why should you bother about domain authority ? Yes, you should keep an eye over domain authority of your blog because search engines use this as a scale for ranking a blog. The next question that would pop up in your mind is What are the different ways to check domain authority of a blog ?  Let's check out the various ways for checking DA of a blog.

Different Ways To Improve Domain Authority 

#1 Building Back links

If you are looking to increase your blog's reputation then quality backlinks matters a lot. Quality backlinks play an important role in increasing the reputation of your blog. In one of my earlier articles I clearly said about some awesome ways to create free quality backlinks to your blog. Building back links is beneficial in many ways they help you to improve Page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority of a blog. Always try to build DO FOLLOW links from blogs with high PA,DA and PR. There are many white hat link building techniques which could be used to build link some of them are listed below.
  • Try to make and improve relationships with many blog owners. So that they could help you in link building and other blogging techniques.
  • Guest Blogging- Guest blogging is the best way to generate high quality back links with targeted anchor texts. Some of the webmasters allows you to post a guest post their blogs. I here allows my readers to post their articles by giving away two or three backlinks.
  • Commenting - It's another  good way of improving the exposure of your blog. Always try to become a comment star. Never try to spam the comment section of a blog, always leave legit comments after reading the article. 
These are some of the white hat techniques which are commonly used to build back links to a blog. Try it yourself and let me know the outcome. 

#2 Old Is Gold - Domain Age Matters

Domain Age matters in everything starting from Adsense to domain authority. Try to buy an old domain, usually old domains have a good DA than newer one's.  Domain age shows how reliable your blog is, to search engines. For having a high DA domain age is very much important. Blogs with less domain age have lower domain authority. 

#3 Content Is King

The content is always king with great contents you will get ranked high on everything starting from domain authority to search engines. Always try to create quality contents, i.e. write for your readers not for earnings. Earnings will follow you if you are producing great quality contents. Length and Quality of the content are the major factor in determining the DA of your blog. If your blog is having lots of content indexed by the search engines then your blog's DA will be high. 


These are some of the terrific and trusted ways to improve domain authority. Domain Authority is very important when it comes to search engine rankings. Domains with high DA and PA gets ranked higher on search engines. Everyone loves to get ranked higher realize that no one will get ranked unless they are hardworking. So do your homework correctly and see your domain authority growing. Hope you all loved reading my article stay tuned to blogging nik for further updates on tech news and blogging. Share your feedback's under the comment section of our blog.

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  1. Wonderful tips mate, These tips are really essential to improve the domain authority and I believe backlinks and posting content regularly is the main key to improve Domain authority.



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