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5 Must Have Android Apps

As recently as two years ago, the Android Market was still trying to catch up with Apple’s App Store. Now, the paradigm is shifting as more and more developers launch their apps first in the newly named platform called Google Play. And now Google Play not only has more apps than Apple, they have passed the 1,000,000 app mark.
Obviously, that’s quite a few more apps than you’re going to use regularly, if ever. Of course, as an Android user, you should have some of the “given” apps like Google maps, Google +, and social networking sites, if you so desire.
I stretched a little beyond those essential apps to reach into the mass of apps now available to pick out five that you really should get.

Must Have Android Apps
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  1. Pocket, Free
    It happens every day. Several times a day. Whether you are working, in class, just playing online, reading news feeds, or whatever fills your day; you encounter articles that you really want to read – when you have time.
    There are plenty of apps that will help you bookmark or store these articles for later perusal, but none of them do it as well as Pocket. It includes extensions for all major browsers and apps for both Android and iOS devices, so synching across devices is no problem, and you can create a well-organized and archived reading list – all searchable by title and URL.
  2. Avast!, Free
    Avast !is a great, free mobile security app. Even if you don’t think you are being ‘naughty’ with your cell phone, there’s always a chance malware can work its way onto your device. It is true that Google Play is a much more organized shop than it was two years ago, but Google does not put the tight restrictions on placing apps up for consumer use that Apple and Microsoft do.
    Even if you aren’t worried about protecting your phone, Avast! Is a great app to own for its remote locator feature, and the ability to completely wipe your phone, if you ever have the need.
  3. DuoLingo, FreeA great free tool that is continually praised as one of the best apps available, DuoLingo can help you learn a new language, or brush up on an old one. The app is constantly being updated, so there are always new challenges to master and languages to learn.
    Best of all, there are no subscriptions required, and no other pesky ads or hidden fees.
  4. Evernote, Free, £4/month for premium service
    Although it’s been around for a long time, nothing has ever really been able to compete with Evernote. It is an amazingly simple and powerful tool for taking notes, creating to-do lists, reminders and recordings. All of which can be synched across just about any device and platform imaginable. Each new release offers new services and features, making it one of the most versatile apps around.
  5. Fixya, Free
    A must have for any do-it-yourselfer! Fixya collects and organizes all kinds of home videos demonstrating repair work. All manner of items are addressed, from household appliances and electronics, to furniture and automobiles.
    However, you are not simply restricted to watching videos. Fixya encourages its users to upload their own tutorials, for either unsolved problems, or just to show how to build a better mousetrap. There is a whole list of unanswered questions waiting for all the tinkerers out there ready to share their knowledge.
    Unfortunately, there’s no way to browse the videos by category. You’ll have to put the time in to search for what you want, but it does have a lot of helpful tips for tech repairs


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