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I Haven't Received Adsense Pin ? What's Next ?

What are you blogging for ? I don't think it’s for sharing ideas or viewpoints. It’s money am i right ? If you are blogging for money then you can't avoid Google Adsense. Making money from blogging and Adsense go hand in hand. Without the help of Adsense you can’t be that successful at blogging. Getting a fully approved Adsense account can be considered as one of the biggest achievement in blogging. I’m not getting that much into Adsense approval procedure things. I am here to tell some possible things to do if you haven't received your Adsense pin. Let’s check out the measures to be taken if you haven't received your Adsense pin.

Alternate Adsense Address Verification
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When And How Does Google Verify Your Address ?

This is one of the main question asked among my circle of blogging friends. Google will manually verify your address by sending a mail ( Adsense pin ) to the address given on Adsense. Once your Adsense account have 10$ any minute after that Google will issue a pin to verify your address. According to Google it will take almost a month or 5 weeks to reach you.

What If Pin Never Reached You ?

If you are residing in any one of the Asian or African countries then there is a chance that you won’t receive the pin. Google sends the pin by normal mail they are not using any speed post or any other safer methods to send the pin. Don't panic if you haven't received any pin from Google. There are several other methods to verify the Adsense pin.

If the first pin never reached you then you could request for the new pin. You could request for new pins 2 times after the first attempt. Each request can be done once in a month only i.e. you have to wait for a month to request for the new pin after the issue of the first pin. You have hell lot of time for verifying your Adsense account. 6 months time is allowed by Google to verify your account. If you are unable to verify your Adsense account within 6 months then Google will stop showing ads on your blog.

I am going to briefly explain the method for verifying the Adsense account online. This method is recommended only when you run out of options.

How To Verify Google Adsense Account Online ?

This is one of the main query which i saw in many forums, blogging communities and many other  fb groups and pages. Google prefers to verify the address by manually sending mail to the given address. It is considered as the most reliable method because of many reasons.  Google considers the manual method over the online method because if a postman is able to reach your address, it confirms that you have provided a genuine address to Google.

If you haven't received any Adsense pin by mail, sign in to your Adsense account and get into account settings section and look for additional instructions. The additional instructions/settings include verification of Adsense account by submitting copies of official identity proof to Google. Here is the official google form  which could be used for submitting your copy of identity proof to Google. Google officials will manually verify the address in your Adsense account and the copy of identity proof submitted. If both the address matches then bingo you are all done. If both the address mismatches then it’s time to say goodbye to Adsense.

Acceptable Documents For Address Verification

There is no official list of any acceptable documents for address verification. If you have any government approved identity proof with your address on it then you could submit it . This list of documents is created by me according to my knowledge. Submit any one for verifying the address.

1. Driver’s License
2. Voter’s Card ( For Indians )
3. Passport
4. Aadhar Card ( For Indians )
5. Bank Statement


Hope you all loved reading the alternative methods for verifying the address in google adsense account. Still having doubts contact us for more help. We would be at your service and will help you to figure out everything you need in blogging. Share your feedback under the comment section, stay connected with us by subscribing our newsletter.


  1. Hello,

    Well I remembered the initial days when I generated $10 in my adsense account it took around 1 and 1/2 month to reach PIN to my address.

    1. Thanks bro. Me too still remembering the day when i received my first adsense check and adsense pin. Those were some memorable moments for a every blogger. Thanks again for commenting and sharing your experience with us.


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