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5 Best Social Bookmarking Sites For Building Backlinks

You may be familiar with social media sites, how many of you guys have heard about social bookmarking sites ? Some of you may be hearing this word for the first in your life time. Don’t worry today I would help you to know what a social bookmarking site is and I would also list out some of the top social bookmarking sites which would increase your backlink counter. Social bookmarking sites are often used by bloggers for sharing, getting instant traffic and also for building quality backlinks to their blogs. All these bookmarking sites have high pr and almost all of them are dofollow ones. So bloggers would try hard to get backlinks from such authority websites. Building backlinks from social media seems to better and one of the safest link building strategy.

social bookmarking sites for backlinks

Social Bookmarking ? What’s it ?

Social bookmarking sites are almost similar to social media sites, their main aim is to annotate, share, bookmarks documents. Delicious popularised this medium of idea sharing.Since 2003 many new social bookmarking sites began to pop up. Now there are many social bookmarking sites. I would list out the top social bookmarking sites 

Social Bookmarking Sites For Building Backlinks

1. Digg

Digg is one of the best social bookmarking site. This social website allows users to vote up or down the posts. Top posts are selected according to the number of votes. Voting in digg is known as digging and burying. If you liked a post then you would give a thumbs up its known as digging and if you don’t like the post obviously you would thumbs down its known as burying.

2. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is one another social bookmarking site. It came into act on  November 2001 and it was developed by Garrett Camp,Geoff Smith and Justin LaFrance. Basically stumbleupon is a web search engine. It also works on rating and all. So if you want your post on the top then you need votes. So try to share relevant contents. Bloggers often use this social bookmarking site for generating instant traffic to their blogs.

3. Reddit

Reddit is one of the oldest social bookmarking site. Bloggers often use this social bookmarking site for generating instant traffic. If you are able to get on to the top of reddit then you could get millions of instant traffic to your blog.

4. Newsvine

Newsvine is a social bookmarking site which shares news on media organizations ( basically press notifications ). Your posts are arranged on the basis of uniqueness, freshness and quality. If your post lack any of those qualities then chances of getting on the top pages fades away.

5. Delicious

Delicious is one of the most famous and the oldest social bookmarking sites. It is the first social bookmarking site which came into limelight. Delicious was created on 2001 within a short time it gained fame. Many new social bookmarking sites popped up seeing the fame and growth of delicious. Delicious could be used for sharing, storing and bookmarking. Due to its fame in short time the site was acquired by yahoo in 2005.


These are some of the most used social bookmarking sites. Mostly social bookmarking sites are used by bloggers for building quality backlinks. These social bookmarking sites are having high pagerank and are dofollow. Getting a high quality dofollow backlink worth a lot in blogging.  If you are a blogger who is looking to build quality backlinks to your blog then these social bookmarking sites would help you a lot. 
Hope you all loved reading the list of top social bookmarking sites.Please do share your feedbacks under the comment section of the blog.


  1. Hello Nithin

    Would love to add few things relevant to your blog -

    # Digg is now no more providing regular submission like it used to be in the past. So I do not think that this will be a good social bookmarking website to build the links.

    # Stumbleupon - They never provide you direct links hence submission to delicous will also not count as backlinks (because it will be redirected through their own domain)

    Yes they are good for getting traffic once you have established account at there. Would love to add few more website with above 5 -


    Though there are many other as well. If you are looking for top 20 than please let us know.

    1. Thanks Andrew, this what quality visitor do. I would consider your suggestions and make corrections. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Stay tuned with us for further updates.


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