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Best Television (TV) Apps For Android

In 1920’s JL braid had invented a device which changed the face of communication. Yes it’s Television ( TV). After 1928 lot of development came, many new gadgets came, got established and gone. Today in this 21st century the most used electronic gadget is smartphones. I am not going further deep into the evolution of smartphones my job is to point out some of the top TV apps for android devices. Nothing is available for free. Internet data is required for using these apps. You could watch your favorite serials, movies, and even channels using these apps.
I am going to list down the top TV apps on android phones.

tv application for android

BBC Player

You may have heard about BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation ) don’t misunderstand that this app is created by them. This app is exclusively for BBC channel lovers. By using this android  app you could figure out what’s all happening around you and you need not to be worried about missed programs because he / she could watch it by typing the name of the program on the search box. This feature is only available for 6-7 days after the program release. Internet connection is required for running this app 3G or Wifi would do be the best. This is one of the best TV apps for android phones or tablets.

Vevo Videos

Vevo videos is yet another android TV app. This application was first launched for iPhone and later android version of the app was released. During the time of release there were lot of complaints about the app that it has high loading time and all. Sooner an update came and it fixed all the bugs now this app works flawlessly on android devices. With a single tap you could share the videos with your friends on social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. With this app you could watch all leading television channels. This app requires a good internet connection. 3g or Wifi would be the best bet. 

Sky Go

Sky go is another android app which enables you to watch television programs on your 3 or 5 inch mobile. This gadget transforms your mobile into live TV and the video quality provided by this app is great. This was listed among the top live TV app by cnet. This app requires subscription for viewing,  that cannot be considered as a negative point according to me. The website of this app has 6 different categories you could select your favorite category and watch your favorite channels and programs. 


Crackle is one of the best android TV app which enables you to watch your favorite channels and TV shows on your 3 or 5 inch mobile screen. It enables you to watch TV shows, movies and all other TV  programs for free. The main advantage of this app is that it’s updated daily.  Another main advantage of using this app is that it is available in all most all nations. This app requires a good internet connection. 3g or Wifi connection would be the best bet.


Hope you all loved reading my list of top tv apps for android. If you want to add more apps to this list please do mail me or use the contact us page of the blog. Please do share your feedback with us under the comment section of the blog.


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    1. I am pretty happy that you loved my writing style. Thanks a lot buddy. Hope you will visit again for more updates :)

  2. My favorite TV apps are and ( filmon also know a - between this two apps you will have about 400 channels that are a great alternatitve to the garbage served up as basic channels on cable tv.


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