Friday, January 3, 2014

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Top Crowdsourcing Program - Mturk Tips And Tricks

You may be thinking what a mturk is and how to earn money from mturk ? Don't worry I will give you clear tips on making money from mturk. According to my personal experience Amazon Mechanical Turk ( MTURK) is one of the best and fastest way to get some dollars. Mturk is nothing but a crowd sourcing program where you could earn money by completing tasks. There are many mturk alternatives over the internet, but majority of them are just scam and if it's not a scam then it doesn't provide that much money what mturk provides you. In one of my earlier article i had written everything about Amazon Mturk. 
Read the review before reading this article. You will get a clear idea of mturk and it's procedure for making money from home. Now it's time to check out the top mturk tips and tricks for improving your earnings.

mturk tips and tricks
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Mturk Tips And Tricks For Earning More

  • Say No Scammers 

Never reveal your credentials to any hits on mturk. While checking out the hits i found some hits which were asking the workers to submit their email, credit card details and many other personal details. Never reveal these kind of things because more than 50% are scam. Genuine mturk requester will never ask you to enter your personal details.

  • Keep Your Approval Rate High As Possible

Always try to keep the approval rate high as possible i.e. try to keep it above 96% because if you have an approval rate of 96% and more then you are possible for master qualification, with master qualification you could earn more and more hits will also be available for you. Keep this mturk tip on your mind before doing your next hit. 

  • Aim On Surveys 

Try to do as many as surveys possible because they pay you good and the task is quite easy. Some of the surveys will help you to gain 3-5$ for working for just 10- 15 minutes. Writing a 300+ word article will gain you only 1-2$. Getting surveys are quite difficult in mturk you need to have good approval rate for getting as many surveys. You will be in shortage of surveys if you are continuously doing survey tasks only, so try to blend in other tasks too. 

  • Use Search And Sort Option

Make use of the search and sort option on your mturk account for filtering the hits. There will be a hell lot of hits available for you. Some of the hits pay you nothing some pay you well in order to filter out waste hits use this option. You could use this option to find out a particular hit for e.g if you want to find out the survey hits you only need to type survey on the search space and click on search few seconds after you could see the available survey hits. 

  • Avoid Doing Hits With Low Pay Rate

There will be 1000's of hits available for you, out of that 1000 only a handful of hits are good. So try to do those hits which will help you to earn more. Never waste your time by doing hits paying 1 or 2 cents. 

  • Read The Instructions Carefully Before Accepting

This one of the most important mturk tip, before accepting any mturk hit please read the instructions carefully. If you are not reading the instructions before accepting the hits you may end up returning the hit which in turn affects the hit return rate adversely.  So be aware of this tip before accepting the hits. 


Hope you guys loved reading my article on mturk tips and tricks for earning more from home. Please provide your feed back under the comment section. We are very much happy to reply on your feed backs. Thanks have a good day and a good year ahead.


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