Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Android Rooting

Android is the most well known and another name of Smartphone. With the invention of rooting, customization in your android device is made possible. Android rooting is same as Jailbreaking of Apple device. Rooting modifies your Android device to enable the restricted and premium permissions to seek your device. It gives a totally new look to the phone or tablet. From the display screen to the internal functions everything can be modified. Rooting come with many advantages along with the risk of shortening the phone life. Rooting the device is not an easy task; it takes much time and proper method. It is recommended to read and see videos of how to root android device, so that you may not have the risk of losing the phone data. Before rooting the device, have a look at the below reasons listed so that you come to know the risk of rooting and to avoid it.

Reasons To Avoid Android Rooting

  • Malware can easily Breach

Rooting the device bypass the security restriction of the Android device. With rooting your android device virus, spyware and Trojan can easily infect the device. There are many ways by which this virus enters your device like downloading, malicious links, infected apps, etc. Such viruses take over your phone and transforms your contact lists to the cyber crooks, send a text with your phone number, sniff your emails, collect personal data etc. In short the phone gets hacked. So this can be considered as the main reason of avoiding android rooting.

  • Degrade Battery Performance

This is also a must reason to consider before rooting your device. Android rooting degrades the battery performance of your device. The reason behind is that the rooting unlocks the hidden and restricted features and increase the battery consumption of the phone. Phone manufacturers provide battery life according to the functions inbuilt in the phone and not the additional provided by rooting.

  • Say Bye to Warranty
Manufacturers of the device are only keen to honor the warranty on the original devices and not the customized hardware or software.  Rooting is completely against the company norm. So if your phone is in warranty, then avoid rooting. And if you still root the device, you will not get the advantages of warranty feature of the phone.

  • Phone gets Bricked

Another most accursed reason behind avoiding rooting is the Android Bricking.  It is said so because you’re android device stops booting and becomes just like a brick. Issue it is not a big or a terrifying issue, but it will convert your useful piece into a worthless device.

  • May Cause Update issue

There are 2 issues regarding this update. First, if you are successful in updating your phone than rooting will be removed and you might have to go through a risky process of rooting again. Second, the phone update may fail due to software modification done while rooting. So these 2 reasons will definitely resist your way in using the android device smoothly.

Considering all the top reasons, avoid rooting your Android device and make your device work longer and smoother.


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