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Top Antivirus Apps For Iphone In 2014

World of internet has never been safer since it's discovery. In order to stay safe in the world of internet we need antivirus irrespective of platforms. Due to the increased threats large number of startups had started developing their own antivirus. Today in this article we are going to discuss some of the top used antivirus apps in iPhone. As the technology is develops there is also an increased threat of virus attacks i.e. your iPhone is in greater risk. In order to protect your iPhone and the confidential data stored in it, you will need an antivirus and that one should be the best available. This incident occurred some days before. One of my friend had more than one antivirus on his iPhone and he was continuously complaining that his 500$ gig is lagging like hell. When i checked his phone it was lagging like hell and the reason behind it was the use of 2 antiviruses. I asked him what's the need of 2 antiviruses ? His reply was this, I had many confidential data like dads ATM details, online banking, etc. If you want to protect your iPhone it's the quality of the antivirus that matters not the no of antiviruses you have got. So install any one of the antivirus from my list, so that you could protect your data from online attackers.

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Top Antivirus For iPhone In 2014

This is my first tech related article on 2014 and let's kick start 2014 with an awesome list of top antivirus for iPhone. I am very much thrilled to write this article because of many reasons ( it's a bit personal ) and it has nothing to do with the blog or this article. Let's now check out the top antivirus for iPhone.

#1 Lookout Mobile Security For iPhone

top antivirus apps for iphone in 2014

Lookout mobile security is one of the most used antivirus for both android and iOs platforms. Lookout mobile security is developed by an American based mobile software developing company. The antivirus is available for both Android and ios devices and moreover the application is absolutely free. It scans the your external storage and protects your mobile and its data while accessing internet. Lookout antivirus also helps you to track your phone when lost. Hence it could also be used as a mobile tracker.  The tracking feature of this phone is more popular than its security features. Grab this antivirus as soon as possible.

#2 Norton Internet Security

top antivirus app for iphone in 2014

You may have heard this name before. Yes it's the same old thing which you got along with your desktop motherboard CD. It's been rated that the mobile version of Norton is better than the windows/mac version. The app provides you complete security over your data and smartphone. It scans all your data and removes the virus automatically. Ios version of Norton is available for free and it could be downloaded from apple online store. Like lookout mobile security this one also has the ability to track down your mobile when lost. This feature is not that much popular as that of lookout mobile security. This app not only supports iPhone but also supports iPad. 

#3 VirusBarrier

top antivirus for iphone in 2014

Virusbarrier is one another antivirus which protects your smartphone and pc efficiently. Apart from the iOs version it's available for mac and windows. Virusbarrier protects your iPhone from malware, spyware and other online threats. Unlike the other two this is not a free app. Virusbarrier costs about 1$ and could be purchased from online ios store. This antivirus is rated as the best paid antivirus for iPhone.

#4 Mc Afee Antivirus

top antivirus for iphone in 2014

I think this is the most famous name on the list. Mcafee has got all privileges to be more popular than any other antivirus on the list because of the services provided by it ever since it's release. Like all other antiviruses this one also completely protects your smartphone and it also provides latest updates on security bugs and threats. This is available for free and could be downloaded from apple store. 


These are some of the best available antivirus for iPhones in 2014. Do share your suggestions and feedbacks under the comment section or email us. If you want to add any other antivirus on our list of top antivirus for iphone please mail us the app name along with the developer page. We will review it personally and will add it to our list if it's good. Hope you all liked my first tech related post on 2014. I wish you a good year ahead. Stay safe and cool on the world of internet  :) 


  1. Hello,

    Very great list of top antiviruses and I'd like to thank you for this list. I'm using Norton Internet Security which is my favorite too.


    1. I'm very much happy to hear this from my visitors. Thanks bro for leaving your feedback. Yes of course Norton is good. Try look out it will impress you and its better than norton according to my experience.

  2. Good list of anti viruses. I like VirusBarrier very much but norton is not bad either.

  3. I have gone through your website. It is very interesting and nice too. I really like your post. Thank you for your nice post.



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