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Top Blogging Communities To Promote Your Blog

Still not getting enough traffic to your blog ? This may be because of your poor blog promoting strategies. There are various successful ways to promote a blog. In one of my previous articles i had listed out some dynamic ways to promote a blog. Blogging communities help you to develop healthy relationships with different webmasters. Developing relationships with webmasters helps you in many ways sooner or later am going to write an article on advantages of blogging communities. Apart from building relationships with bloggers it could be used as medium for free promotion of a blog. Webmasters shares their latest/updated articles with others, doing so would boost your blog traffic. Some of the blogging communities provides high quality back links, most often these blogging communities are of high pr and a backlink from such a site is considered as quality one. Come on let's check out the list of top blogging communities to promote a blog.

blogging communities to promote your blog
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Blogging Communities For Promotion

There are hell lot of blogging communities out there over the internet. I am going to filter those blogging communities and sharing some of the top ones which would boost your blog traffic and backlinks counter of your blog. 


Blog Engage, the name says what it's about. blog engage is a place where bloggers exchange their ideas and views. Blog engage is a premium blogging community with a good page rank ( PR4) and with some well established webmasters. It's the best and fastest growing blogging community in which webmasters share their latest articles for getting backlinks, improving blog traffic and also for improving exposure. Once your article gets into the homepage of blog engage then you are very much likely to get an immense amount of referral traffic from blog engage. Shortly I am going to write a complete review on this blogging community. 


This is one another famous blogging community which would help to increase your blog traffic and backlink counter. Just get into and signup. First post on bizsugar is moderated by the administrators themselves. Once approved your blog will be free of moderation's. There are thousands of bloggers waiting for you. Join this awesome community and start sharing your latest articles.


Blokube is one another blogging community similar to blogengage and bizsugar. This community is based on a user voting system. If your blog post has more votes, then it will end up on the top pages of blokube. Getting to the top position of blokube is not a small thing it worth every inch. Click here to join blokube is one among the most active blogging communities. You need to get a good number of votes to reach the top page of In order to gain votes you need to be very much active on discussions, vote for others and build a good relationship b/w other bloggers. There is no moderation's or any such thing on Just sign up and start sharing your posts.


These are some of the top blogging communities which could be used for blog promotion purposes. If you are using some other blogging communities please do share the list with us. We would be very much pleased to update our list with some fresh contents. This is my personal advice to every bloggers " Use blogging communities because it will provide you multiple helps ". Top bloggers uses this method as the best way to build quality backlinks to their blogs. Hope you all liked my article. Do share and subscribe my newsletter for further updates on blogging tips and technology updates.


  1. Hi Nithin,

    Not only to promote the blog posts and get backlinks, blogging communities would help you to stay safe from Google animals :)

    Am familiar with all of these communities as I have been active in all from long.

    Moreover, you could network with like-minded people and acquire new readers to your blog.

    Good post, keep writing :)

  2. Hello Nithin,
    You have done great job here. Really blogging communities surely help us to get more traffic. But you have not listed well all the communities here. You have forgot to mentione and writersocial so add these into your list. And thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks tharun for suggesting some top blog communities. I would be add those after checking it out soon. I just wanted to list top 4 blogging communities. I will add your suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks tharun bhai for leaving a comment.

  4. It's my pleasure. Have a great day. Mail me aat tharun782(@) I have some thing to offer.

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