Friday, January 17, 2014

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Top Free Antivirus For Windows

The world of internet has never been safe ever since the invention of viruses. A virus is a computer program which helps a hacker to crawl into other person’s computer or network without his/ her permission. With the help of a virus one could crack your highly confidential details. In order to stay protected on the world of internet you need antivirus. Today in this article I will list out top antivirus for Microsoft windows. The list contains some of the top and widely used antivirus. Let me start the list with Eset Nod

Eset Nod 32 Internet Security

Free Antivirus For Windows

This is one of my favourite antivirus because of many reasons. ESET Nod is available for both 32 and 64 bit version of Microsoft windows. ESET scans and protects your pc while you are on the internet. Internet protection is the most interesting feature of NOD. It blocks Phishing and spam sites automatically. A notification will be shown when you are entering into those sites. I am using this antivirus for almost a year. I haven't formatted my computer ever since I had the nod on my pc. You could get nod32 from the nearest computer stores or from an online store.

Avast Antivirus

Top Free Antivirus For Windows

After ESET this one is my favourite. My experience with avast was awesome. This antivirus detects viruses and clean it automatically. In tests avast had 99% of threats under a short time. This is a free antivirus available for all leading os like android, ios and windows. You could download the free version of the antivirus from the developers website.

Avg Free Antivirus

Top Free Antivirus For Windows

This is one of the oldest antivirus on the list. Older versions of AVG was not very much effective when compared to other antivirus on the list.  Tests says that AVG is almost there with Avast. Unlike avast, system never slows down when you are scanning the computer for viruses. Avg ensures a 5.⅚ protection. This is also a free product you could download the free version from the developer's website.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Top Free Antivirus For Windows

This was rated as the best antivirus for the year 2012. Bitdefender is a relatively new antivirus which protects your computer from online and offline threats. Bitdefender provided excellent results under testing. Bitdefender provides excellent phishing protection than any other antiviruses on the list. It also has a feature to scan Facebook profile thereby protects your Facebook accounts from increased spams. The main drawback of this antivirus is that wallet password management is limited. It also encounters some difficulty while installing in malware infected systems. If you are a beginner at computer and its stuffs then this is not a thing for you.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best available antiviruses for windows OS. Install any one of these antiviruses on your pc and stay protected in the world of internet. Hope you all loved reading my article. Provide your feedback under the comment section of the blog. Subscribe us for more updates on technology and blogging.


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