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Motorola Moto G - Best Low Cost Android Smartphone

It's a great news for those who were waiting for the release of Motorola's low cost android smart phone. Moto G , which could be renamed as the best low cost android smartphone because of its high end features. Moto G was one of the most awaited smartphone of  2014. Motorola with moto g has already stirred Indian budget smartphone market. Motorola offers powerful android os ( Kitkat ) and processor under an affordable budget. This is one of the main reason why moto g is considered as the best low cost android smartphone. I think this is a great phone with awesome features. According to reports from Motorola, it's been said that android 4.4.2 kitkat updates would be rolled out for Indian users within a week. The device is currently available only on flipkart. Here is the correct price for Motorola moto g smartphone

Best available combo offer on Flipkart

After reading some of the customer reviews on flipkart, I am pretty sure that this phone is one of the best low cost ( under 20,000) android smartphone. Gaming performance of this low cost android smartphone is remarkable and it's the best under its price range. Let's check the detailed hands on review of Moto G

motorola moto g best low cost android smartphone
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Motorola's Moto G comes up with a 4.5 inch display, it is armed with 1280*720 display resolution. Moto G's screen offers a excellent pixel density of 329 ppi even though it's having TFT screen it offers good contrast and back light.

Processor And Performance

Coming on to the processor and it's performance, moto g is a beast under it's price range. Moto G comes up with a 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm snapdragon 400 Quad core processor and it is also equipped with 1 GB of RAM. Like all other android smartphones under the price range it is also a dual sim phone. Moto G comes up with an android stock 4.3 Jelly bean OS.


Coming to the camera section of moto g, it doesn't have the best camera under the price range. If you are looking for a smartphone with an awesome camera, then this is not your phone. Moto G comes up with a 5 mp and an f/4 lens. In built camera app is made by moto g and it's not that user friendly. Camera interface is very much similar to Motorola's later version MOTO X. By default camera behaves as a fixed one i.e. there is no option for you to select the focus point. If you want to focus a particular region then you have to switch on the control focus and exposure. Now let's talk about the image quality. Image quality is average when compared to other smartphones like lumia series which are under the same price range.


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  1. How is Moto G different from Nexus 4?
    I like Nexus 4 over Moto G. will check out Moto G if any of my friends buy it.

    1. Looking on to the price range you could find clear difference b/w nexus 4 and moto g.. nexsus 4 is bit better than moto g, but i recommend moto g if you are having a low budget


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