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Top 4 Internet Marketing Gurus : Motivation Is Not Very Far

If you want to learn something new, you would contact a teacher or someone who is good at that subject and will try to learn from him. Same policy applies here also you could learn how to blog and earn from some of the internet marketing gurus in the blogosphere. Blogging is a good money making platform if you are doing it rightly, blogging is a platform which requires good amount of inspirations. In order to get inspired you are supposed to read success and failure stories of internet marketing gurus. There are many internet marketing gurus available all over the internet, some of them are self proclaimed as a internet market guru. If you want to learn something of good quality you better check out these internet marketing gurus because they are the best. Today in this article I would provide a list of top internet marketing gurus who had inspired me and helped me a lot with their tutorials.

internet marketing gurus
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1. Darren Rowse

If you are newbie who got an ambition to become a pro blogger then you might know this guy. He is the author of It is a place where you could learn the basics of blogging in a professional way. His capacity to write articles on blogging tips is impeccable. He entered into blogging on 2004 and was awarded as the best web developer in 2006. He is very much dedicated and is well known for his ability to present the tips. 

2. Neil Patel

He is one of the best internet marketing guru, I am very much proud to present him in my list of some blogging gurus because he is the only Indian on the list. Neil with his blog has provided tremendous support to newbie and professional bloggers. You could read his blogging tips on quicksprout. From there you could get some of the best and latest blogging tips available on internet.

3. Daniel Scocco

He is one another blogger who had started blogging during 2005. He is very much known for his blog daily blog tips otherwise known as DBT. He is well known for his basic blogging tips. His blog was nominated under the best development blog in 2007 weblog awards. He has got a total 15k twitter followers. He is very much qualified to be in the list of top internet marketing gurus.

4. Pat Flynn

He is one another internet marketing guru who had inspired me a lot. Pat is well known for his blog smart passive income which was setup during 2008. Within a short span of time he has gained a good status among bloggers around the world. He is very much known for transparent income reports. None other bloggers have done it.


These are some of the top internet marketing gurus around the world. From them you could get inspired, learn new things which would make you to think smart. Hope you all loved reading my article about internet marketing gurus. Hope you all got inspired a bit after reading it. If you want me to add some of your favorite marketing gurus please do share with us. 


  1. Really the given top 4 marketing gurus are inspiring for all and specially for me . Thanks to the author to sharing with us such an important article .I like this website also.

    1. Thanks for this comment. I am very much pleased after reading your opinion about the post.I am very much glad that you liked my blog. Hope you will visit again. Thanks again howdy

  2. Out of the 4 I have heard of Pat Flynn, looks like I will be searching for the other 3 now. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I am very much happy that you liked my post. Search for the others, they are some of the best internet gurus. Thanks again howdy for visiting..

  3. I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.


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