Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Top Free Blog Name Generators Online

One of the biggest hurdle you are going to face while setting up a blog is naming it. It is very much difficult to select a creative blog name. It is the toughest part in blogging, I had enquired 100 of my online and offline friends while naming this blog still I think it's not the best. Today in this article I will help you to select a creative name for your blog with the help of some online blog name generators. The most important thing with these blog name generators are, you don't need to pay a single penny for their services. Success of your blog depends on your domain name, so it is very much important to select a creative blog name. Let's now check out some of the blog name generators which would help you in naming.

Advantages Of Selecting A Creative Blog Name 

Creative blog names are something a blogger should keep an eye on. Selection of domain names are determined as the first step to blogging success. 

  •  Long tail keywords are pretty much good for keyword ranking, but selecting a long tail keyword as domain name is not entertained. Always try to keep the domain name short and simple.
  • Always try to generate blog names which are easy to remember. With clumsy blog names you are not going to reduce bounce rate. Hope you all know what is bounce rate and it's importance on blogging.
  • A creative blog name increases your brand value, helps in search engine optimization, and of course social interaction. 
These are some of the top advantages on selecting a creative blog name.  I think now it's time to check out some of the free blog name generators. 

Top Free Blog Name Generators 

#1 Wordoid 

First on the list is world's best " WORDOID ", it is also my favourite blog name generating tool. During the last minor update outlook of the tool had changed a bit, older outlook was better when compared to the newer one, who cares for outlooks our main aim is to generate a creative blog name. 
The main advantage of this tool is that, it can be used for generating blog names in 5 different languages namely Italian, German, English, Spanish and French.  You can also manage the quality of word suggestions, quality meter varies from high to low. What is to be done with quality meter ? If you had choosen high then the results will be stuffed with natural words i.e. which is easy to understand. If you had choosen Low, then it will show some unnatural words i.e. without any meaning. Another important feature about this blog name generator is that you can specify the length of the keyword. 

#2 Namethingy

Namethingy is one another online blog name generator which can be used for generating some creative blog names. This is my second favourite blog name generator. The thing which i liked very much on this blog name generator is it's elegant interface. This blog name generator allows you to mix up the suggestions to generate a creative blog name.  This tool also allows you to specify the required length of the domain name. It is very fast when compared to wordoid blog name generator. 


These are some of the best blog name generators, I request everyone to try any of the listed blog name generator for generating creative blog names. Hope you all loved reading my post. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates.

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  1. i would like to suggest that choose a domain on a particular keyword or any niche blog.
    you can build a successful blog in very short time..
    BTW awesome info. shared by you...
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