Monday, March 17, 2014

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New age, New problems

With the coming of the Digital Age, the Internet has become a global and widely used medium, pushing aside traditional medias like newspapers, television or radio. The biggest advantage of the Internet over is the the speed of transmitted information and their availability. Today, Internet covers so many aspects of our lives, that many people simply cannot imagine a life without it. This situation may lead to situations, during which especially young persons are spending too much time before the screen, usually simply wasting it on various video games or other types of online entertainment like social media websites instead. Apart of just wasting time and not being productive, children are often exposed to way serious dangers while using the Internet.  They might be a target for various sexual predators or identity stealers.

Talk first

What do we need to do to be sure that our children are safe on the Internet and are not spending too much time on it? First of all, we should try to talk with them about the possible dangers and threats. For example, we can show them how they can protect their personal data or control the information they share by using various privacy settings on social websites. We should mention of course, that there might be a lot of inappropriate content on the Internet for them, but this must be done with caution, so they would not be encouraged to visit such sites after this conversation. There is often a difficulty connected with the fact, that our children are usually way more technically advanced than we are, and they are using computers and Smartphone more efficiently.

Using parental controls

Talking with children is one thing, but there is also another way of protect them, which is installing parental control software on the computer. Such software can not only monitor their daily activity, which sites they are watching and for how long, but also it can limit the time of access they have to the Internet or even whole computer. That’s right, no more endless talking and reminding to turn off the computer and do the homework. It will turn off automatically. This is a very convenient feature that is commonly used in many public places, like libraries or cybercafés. Even some businesses are using software similar to parental controls to ensure, that their employees will not waste any work hours watching cats on YouTube or chatting with someone on chats or hanging out on Facebook.

Protect your computer too

When we are done with protecting our children, we can also think about installing some anti-virus and anti-malware programs in order keep our computer clean out of malicious programs. There is always a very high probability of catching some viruses when browsing the web, so installing such software should be a good idea. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Parental controls together with anti-virus programs should be a very effective way to keep your children safe and yourself sane.


Summarizing, parents should always be very cautious about their children’s activity on the internet, because of the many dangers lurking on them out there. Using technical measures is convenient, but it should be backed up with children’s awareness about the new areas they are exploring.

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PCWebControl is parental monitoring software. It is used by private persons together with public facilities and companies.


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