Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Funny Tricks And Pranks Like Google Zero Gravity

Google, the mighty G in search engines is sometimes being funny and likes to play pranks on you. Today I am before you to say something about Funny Tricks And Pranks Like Google Zero Gravity. Some of you guys may be familiar about google gravity prank. I came to know about these pranks from my peer group. There is a guy on my peer group who usually plays prank on others especially me. One day he just gave me a link and I was asked to click on it. I trusted and clicked on it, in the next second I saw a normal google search but when I started typing on it, everything started to fall off. I was like my computer has gone faulty, later on I figured it out that it was just a prank, to say exactly the prank was Google Zero Gravity. So I started searching more and more pranks like Google zero gravity. Atlast I found a fistful of funny pranks, and soon I started playing pranks on my other friends too. I thought it would be funny and helpful if I could share my fistful list of google pranks to my readers.

Google Zero Gravity

Top Google Zero Gravity Like Pranks 

1. Google Zero Gravity

It is one of the oldest trick, most of you know about it am I right ? I added this prank to my list because it is the mother of all online pranks. If you want to experience this trick, just follow my instructions. 

2. Google Zero Gravity + Inversion Mirror

By applying this trick, you google search looks inverted i.e mirror image.  Check out Google Zero Gravity + Inversion.

3.  Tilt 

Applying this tilt is just like cutting a piece of cake. All you needed to do is just type TILT on google default search bar and press search. Soon after pressing tilt you could find that the search results are tilted a bit.

4. Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll ? What is it ? How to do it ?  All you need is, to enter the phrase on google search and press search button, within in a sec or two you could see your search results crumbling.
Click here to do barrel roll

5. Google Sphere

Google sphere is one another google trick which is very much similar to google zero gravity. By using this trick you can see all your search results in a sphere which would rotate on mouse movements. It's really a great prank, all of these pranks works out well with girls. All you have to do is, simply click on the link and within a sec or two you could see all search elements behaving like a sphere. Click here 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the top pranks which are very much similar to google zero gravity. Try it out yourself and let us know about the outcomes. Hope every one enjoyed reading, feel free share this post with your friends. Have a nice day. 


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