Friday, March 7, 2014

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Top Tips in Getting the Most Out of Your Website

Though you've gone through the necessary steps to get your website off the ground, you’re not really there yet! To really get your website working for you, it has to be designed just right. There are plenty of options available for designing your site – some website hosting companies offer generators that will pretty much automate the process, or offer all kinds of HTML resources for the more savvy client. But be warned – web design is a make or break kind of deal.
Bad website design is enough to turn anyone away, no matter how awesome the content might be. It’s simply too much of a distraction to have annoying animations, unnecessary junk littering it up and wasting a user’s time. And far, far too many websites fall prey to this pitfall, all because they commit this mistake in their web design.
Fortunately though, their mistakes are a lesson to a better website design for your website. Outstanding web design is the best way to maximize your web traffic’s experience. It should be easy to use, professional looking to be able to have an excellent online presence. It can capture prospective clients’ attention, and they’re that much more likely to stay with your business. So, below, here are the things to pay attention to when setting the right design. Remember too, that  most of the users are now using the mobile web to access websites so make sure that your web design is also compatible with viewing mobile devices.


Keep it simple! This about covers everything. Keeping things to the point, simple and easy to understand will help your users see what you want them to see, without confusing them with needless techy jargon that will only serve to annoy or confuse them. Get to the point, guide them where you want them to go with clear, concise information.


With all the range of tools, graphics and animations available to you, it’s incredibly tempting to use all of them, all at once. But don’t. And again, keep it simple! Excessive animation and tricks seem gimmicky, and aren’t serving its real purpose. Yes, animations can be effective. But use them right and set a balance.

Talk the talk

When you’re writing, you don’t need to flood the screen with dizzying amounts of technical jargon and other kinds of creative stuff to make your site stand out. It’s just adding more clutter and distraction, and it’s a massive turn off to read something that doesn’t even feel like human writing it.


If you’ve followed the previous steps, you are well on your way to personalizing your clients’ experience on your site. Talk to them, not at them. Making your online presence something personal is what sets a good website apart from a mediocre one.

Though your website can generate income from adverts, be careful how you implement them. Pop ups flooding the screen is one of the most annoying thing that detracts from a seamless online experience. Native advertising can be effective. It stays out of the way, yet when used right can actually enhance your site, while still cashing in on it.


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