Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Video Viewing Basics: Simple Tips for Watching YouTube Offline

There are plenty of times where we simply don’t have the time to stay connected to the internet and watch our favorite YouTube videos, so the best idea is to download what you want from the site so you can watch them at your leisure or share with friends.
Here is a basic guide to help you download your favorite videos from YouTube but do make sure you only pick content that is not copyright protected before you click the download button.

Getting started

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You can view an amazing range of different videos on YouTube. Using services like YTD, it is possible to download videos without having to leave the YouTube page. Also, there are some other points and tips to take on board before you get started on downloading. Always make sure to respect intellectual property with video downloads.
Further, you will be using the YouTube site only, and you need to make sure that you are currently running the flash version of the YouTube player and if you are running HTML5 trial (which is intended to provide noticeably smoother buffering) this should be cancelled.
What you should now have if you check the options under video info and make sure you have selected HTTP video player as your choice.

Step 1

When you find a suitable video that you want to download right-click on the video and open the pop-up. You should then see the YouTube TV layout with a list of options.

Step 2

At this point simply right-click again and you will be presented with Save Video As amongst the options available to you.

Step 3

To complete the download process, click on the Save Video As option and rename the file with an appropriate video extension such as flv or .mp4, so your video can then be viewed by accessing it from the desktop or whichever folder you have specifically chosen to save it to even when you are offline.

Other options

YouTube streams in excess of an incredible six billion hours of video each month and at the back end of 2013 they announced their future intention to let people watch some of these videos even when they are not connected to the web.
YouTube announced this change in a blog post and also said that it will also allow up loaders to opt out of the offline option if they want to. For YouTube fans who are always looking for new content, the option to download will mean that they can watch some of their personal favorites while they are on the move, which will make the daily commute a lot more fun in future.
To find all these multiple options opening up with the constant advances in technology (especially in regards to media and entertainment) all you need do is research on your phone, computer, smart TV, tablet or games consoles - there really are so many options for you to choose form when it comes to how you want to watch videos online and off.

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