Friday, April 18, 2014

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How to Make Your Blog Famous

To make a blog famous is a very difficult task these days as there are numerous blogs coming up everyday. Specially, from the Indian sub-continent, the number of bloggers emerging and the number of blogs getting created everyday are count-less.
Hence, to get people talk about your blog and make it really famous is not easy at all. And, remember getting traffic to blog doesn't mean that it is famous. I have seen blogs getting over 10,000 visitors daily but are not famous. In-fact, niche blogs are one of their kind which gets decent traffic but are not famous as people try to hide them to avoid making the niche famous.

There was a time in past that when I started blogging in Android niche, it took me around 15 days only that the blog started getting around 4000+ unique visitors per day but with time, the niche got so clumped that every second blogger is now found writing about android.
Having said above lines, the question 'How to make your Blog Famous' remains unanswered yet. So here are some of the one-liner tips told to me by a very famous blogger when I asked him the same.
  • Customize your Blog Content : Make it interesting and include images/videos where-ever possible.
  • Add blog to blogging communities : You cannot be famous until people know you.
  • Write Tutorials and Audience Dedicated articles : People will trust you and visit again only if they find the content useful.
  • Be a Guest Author and Write for Others : This helps people identify and know you better.
  • Give something to Download for Free : Even if it is a PDF, people loves freebies.
  • Blog Frequently : Keep you blog updated and keep the frequency of posts static and to the mark.
  • Create a Buzz on Social Media : Search Engine ranks may get down with time but social media interaction stays alive.
Having said above lines, I am sure that these will help you keep you blog alive and make it famous.


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