Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Combine PR and SEO to Increase Traffic and Conversions

Increasing web traffic is a top goal for most organizations. Meeting that goal used to be easier when search engines only looked for links back to your website.

Times have changed – a lot. These days, search engine optimization (SEO), the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid search results, relies on much more than just backlinks.

Search engine algorithms now comb the web looking for fresh content, relevant keywords and inbound links to determine which sites should rank highest for a search term.

Press Release_Seo

Combining your PR and SEO can help to increase not only website traffic but also the bottom line.

Here are three strategies to help your PR and SEO efforts:

Inbound Links Still Matter.

Links on related blogs, websites and forums are still a factor in search engine rankings. Increase the amount of inbound links by distributing press releases to get the attention of your customers and the media.

Press releases can open the door for your content to be shared, and for journalists and bloggers to write about you or pick up your content – all of which can lead to great inbound links.

Create Fresh Content.

People and search engines value fresh content, so update your content regularly. Don’t simply write for the keywords; capture and keep attention with original, topically relevant content.

Don’t Forget About Social Media.

Social media relationships with your target audience play a role in search visibilities; when your followers share your content, it can help improve your web presence.

PR, when used correctly, can properly position your site to be found at the most critical points of the buying process.

Combining PR with the rest of your marketing efforts will help you generate website traffic, leads, discussion, and awareness among potential buyers.

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