Friday, May 16, 2014

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Flexible conversion - New way to count conversions ratio in AdWords

A few months ago, a new system to measure the conversions in Google AdWords has been launched – Flexible conversion.

What does this mean for those who conduct AdWords campaigns?

Firstly, a better vision on the results, as it will offer anyone the possibility to clearly see which is the value that Google AdWords brings to a certain business, depending on the objectives it has set.

More exactly, the process to measure a sale will be different from the one of measuring leads. While for a site focused on e-commerce it is very important to follow each sale, no matter how frequent it is, it is not recommended to register all the micro-conversions made by the sale user, several times.

For example, a site which sales clothing and offers an eBook for download will be interested in measuring all the sales as separate conversions, while all the eBook downloads coming from the same user will be treated as a single conversion.
New Conversions Count System Flexible Conversion

The new changes brought by Google AdWords

  • The following names have changed:
  • Conversion (1 per click) has become Converted click, such as its derivate (Cost/Converted Click & Click Conversion Rate) – the advertisers who want to measure unique actions will have to report themselves to this indicator.
  • Conversions (many per click) was become Conversion – the advertisers who want to measure all the actions made will need to take under consideration this indicator.
  • Certain new settings have occurred when it comes to the tracking code
  • To benefit of the improvements made to the AdWords platform, the basic settings of the tracking system need to be modified, with the purpose to measure both micro and macro conversions.

In case the initial setting, Unique conversions, is left unchanged, nothing is modified, so all the statistics remain unchanged. Once this field is modified, we will be able to better differentiate the results, depending on the business objectives we have set.

Then, we can add new columns to the interface, to be able to analyze all the indicators we are interested in.

Why is so important to use the new conversion measurement system?

  • The new Flexible conversion system will allow users to correctly measure more types of conversions;
  • We will better understand the importance of micro-conversions and will learn how to measure them correctly;
  • We can better optimize the AdWords campaigns, based on results differentiated by objectives.
The statistics that can be observed after the implementation of the new modification can be either positive or negative, depending on the factors used in analyzing the campaign.

However, do not panic! The closer we are to the reality, the better we will know what to do and how to grow the performance of the campaign.


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