Friday, May 16, 2014

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How To Target Ads on YouTube - How it Works?

YouTube is a channel worth to be kept under consideration this year when it comes to promotion – with the options existent on YouTube regarding the public targeted by certain commercials, depending on the objective of the campaign.

After we introduce the general budget settings, the language, location, the ad and the formats when it comes to viewing, as well as the advanced settings, we can select the public to whom the video ads are going to be addressed.

Targeting is almost similar to the one of classic AdWords campaigns. 
There are three big possibilities to targeting, which are put at the disposal of those who watch content on YouTube (for formats such as In Stream and In Display): demographic, interest and topics (which means those who see videos about a certain subject).

Demographic testing

When it comes to demographic aspects, we can target depending on gender and age.
In both cases, it is very important to make sure that the option Unknown is checked.
Target people whose age or gender is unknown

Excluding this option can lead to a substantial decrease when it comes to the number of people who can see the ad.

This happens because the majority of sites in the Google Display network do not offer demographic data about its consumers and does not take information about users, depending on their behavior. This is why, many people can fall in the Unknown category.

Targeting depending on the viewed content – Topics

This targeting is an alternative to the manual selection of all the sites which appear in commercials.

 The topics are put at the user’s disposal and are the same such as the ones associated to any AdWords campaign, although they are only applied in the case of YouTube networks and other partner sites in the GDN network, which support video content.

For example, if we want to promote a new camera, you can target everyone who follows YouTube clips about cameras (tutorials, reviews – any type of content that can enter in this category.)

Targeting depending on interests

  • This type of targeting allows the showing of all the ads that enter in a category of interests, regardless of the content of the videos that are watched. 

  • This type of targeting is very effective, as those in this category have shown a great interest in the subject through searches and visited sites. 

  • The interests presented here are the same as the ones we have gotten used to, less the newly coming category In-market buyers. 

Moreover, for this type of campaigns, depending on the other targeting that has been made for that certain campaign, the Suggested Interests window appears.
Suggested Interests Window

Also for the visual content, there are certain advanced targeting options: adding placements, remarking lists and content words.

remarking lists and content words option window

If we want to be very specific we can use Managed Placements, adding sites or sections from certain websites that we want to be seen on.

If we want to reach the people who have interacted in the past with our site or who have seen videos on our YouTube channel, we can use the AdWords Remarketing Lists or Video Remarketing Lists.

If you have your YouTube account connected with the AdWords accounts (and it actually is recommended to have it this way), then these lists are created automatically. 

In the same idea with contextual targeting, there are Content Keywords for YouTube. 

You can add words that could be fitted to the Display network (including videos from YouTube.)

Attention – If we select more targeting criteria and are more specific, the number of those to whom the commercials are shown is restricted. This targeting has to be made, depending on the objectives of the campaign.

Finally, for those who are seeking content on YouTube (for the campaigns that use formats TrueView In-Search only), we can use search keywords.

These function in the same manner as the commercials with viewing in Search network, showing the results in searches on YouTube.

As the showing criteria is saved and the settings update, the traffic will be updated, too. Before starting a campaign, articles and idea about YouTube campaigns can turn out being extremely useful.


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