Friday, May 30, 2014

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How To Get High Quality Backlinks and Top Rankings in 2014

I decided to explain some important details about what SEO means in 2014 and how to obtain top rankings in Google search results.

There are hundreds of articles online, but these "lesson" is for those who understand SEO at intermediate - advanced level.

Anyone who offers SEO services, has a certain "image" about what is and how to "do" SEO. Each phrase can generate dozens of hours of discussion, but this is not the goal. The purpose of these article is to respond briefly to some essential questions about SEO.

My first question is: Can we still obtain High Google Rankings using the Old Principle?

Top Google Rankings: Quality Content + Natural Links = Quality Website  

quality content +quality links=quality website

What are the most important types of searches?

  • Brand
  • Money Keywords
  • Long Tails
Brand: are searches that Internet users use for seeking information about the official page (website) of a brand. This is a good strategy in some cases if you are searching to obtain some traffic from your direct or related competition.

Do not expect great conversions however, users are searching for competition or a certain brand anyway!
Still this trick can bring good results if the Brand/product promoted is closely related to the competion.

Money Keywords:  Are those searches that Google suggested and still does. There are searches that must theoretically generate sales (revenue) for goods or services:
ex accommodation (city), shop for (clothes, laptop, etc.), games (online, barbie, cars), etc..
 There are the main keywords the so-called Key "keywords" for any type of site.

Long Tails: this are users natural searches, suggested or not by Google:
 ex: accommodation (in the village) to (hostel, hotel, etc..) with (pool, playground, etc.), or
"best cabbage recipes" or "SEO for online clothing shops.", and so on.
Targeting Long Tails is a good strategy to get easy rankings and traffic but you should always keep in mind that the volume is usually low.

How To Get Your Website To The Top of Google Search Results?

This is the answer that every online business/blog owner is looking for as soon as he heard about SEO (search engine optimization, online advertising, etc..).

Google algorithm is extremely complex, and  Google (SERP'S)  depend on many dates and details.
BUT, the most important (even today) are: Links and Content
Yes, of course  many other details matter, but none in so large proportion as links and content.

Links: Most of the Google algorithm is still based  on the links. The links are recommendations received for your site, from other sites. If offline, a friend recommends you with a verbal reference,  online this recommendation is written and called citation (with link) or simply with your Company/Website Name.

This subject is very large to debate in one article alone and i strongly recommend to read a more compressive article written by
SEO After Hummingbird, Penguin, & Panda - read the full article at Search Engine Journal.

Number of links does not matter. Quality is the Key!

Quality links gives authority and the authority site offers top position in the results provided by Google.

 Internal links are links from your site and the more authoritative your site becomes, the internal pages authority increases and thus positions. External links are links that your site receives, or the ones we recommend (links to other sites from your site).

The Best links are "do-follow", are those links who recommend you and will provide a good impact on your rankings. Links  with "no-follow" attribute are those links that recommend you, but without having to give authority or importance for your website.
  • TIP: From my experience "no-follow" links are very important too. Natural link building means that you will receive a fair number of both Do-follow and No-Follow links pointing to your business/blog.
  • Avoid as much as possible the use of "money keywords" in do-follow links.
Content: text, images, video, etc.. of your site is called content. Content is an essential element for obtaining top positions for  "long tail" searches.

Quesiton is: Are Links more important than the content?
I would Definitely YES. Links offer top positions for "money keywords" in SERP, but the content will offer free traffic for "long tail" searches and most importantly, will help conversions!

What matters more, the links or the content?

Google understands what your site aims indexing pages and by analyzing incoming links. Regardless of the title content and meta description, Google knows exactly what is the content page related too, so in some cases, rewrite the title and description, if it considers that they are not relevant to the user.

A website without content, or containing very little / weak, but much better links will get top positions on  "money keywords"searches against a a very good competitor with good content but with less links or weaker (qualitative).

Instead, "long tail" content site will get better positions, because actually, the page that contains information relevant to user searches.

You can get traffic to a website without content, but why would you do that?
After all  ranking main purpose is to generate conversions. Content is one of the essential elements for conversions.
Conclusion: Write content for the users and try to get only relevant and quality links for your website!

What is and how to get a quality link?

A quality link is the link that will recommend you and comes from a reputable website with related content. The site is old it has a great audience and has received a lot of quality backlinks over the years.

How does a quality website looks like: 
  • is one with a higher PageRank 3.  
  •  contains hundreds of pages of useful articles and unique content
  • is active (comments, forums, etc.) 
  • is old (minimum 2 years experience) 
  • has enough quality links that recommend it
  •  most often is a brand (you've heard of him already)
There are thousands of websites with links from directories, comments, forums, etc.. which if they not disappeared yet (penalty) do not appear in the first page of Google results. While sites that get 2-3 related and authoritative links get top positions. Quality Matters!

The best link: is obtained from a strong old website with few external links and pages with relevant releated content for your business (ideally the entire site to be relevant, but this is extremely difficult to obtain) . If you provide quality content, it will generate quality traffic (conversions) and a  "strong" backlink.

SEO is a process and not a destination!
  •  Monthly you need new content and especially new links. Whether it is 2-3 links or 2-3 articles , adding content, changes in the website (for conversions)  are monthly tasks in any business online.
  • Very important: forget about  "money keywords" when building your links
  • always analyze your competition and check what links they have: try to pick only quality websites with related content for link building 
  • Use some tools to help you in your task: , or


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