Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Brand building – the best SEO technique in 2014?

Nowadays is becoming more and more difficult to build a good link profile for a site, as part of a SEO campaign, considered on long term.

In this context is becoming even more difficult to understand the process that stays behind link building.

  • What to do when the links obtained with a lot of efforts turn out being actually dangerous? 
  • How to avoid over-optimization and the penalties that Google applies?
 From this point of view, more and more, is becoming important to invest in brand building, as the best SEO solution which may turn out transforming the link building activity.

Brand Building and Seo StrategyBrand building: the intersection between search and branding

No matter what you might think, brand building in SEO does not only regard obtaining branded links for the site of a particular company. It actually is much more than that.

So, it means the association of a brand with some particular keywords, which define it and its position for the targeted audience. Naturally, there is one simple consequence which results from here: the optimization of searches linked to the results in Google.

Co-citation and co-occurrence - the new relevant elements in SEO

CO Citation new ranking factor
How can brand building be effective when it comes to SEO?
 Co-citation and co-occurrence are considered to be two key relevant factors in search engines.
 What do they mean?
Co-citation refers to the mentioning of the brand, along with its competitors, keeping it in a special category, which can be considered depending on Google’s results and the suggestions it offers in the section searches referring to a certain topic.

On the other hand, co-occurrence means attributing certain keywords to the brand, no matter if they are included in the link or are just mentioned in the text. 
Consequently, the words brand and keyword X are becoming the brand in the mind of the user.

Naturally, a strong signal is sent to the search engines when that certain keyword is searched. This is a new ranking factor in SEO.

What is the right link profile, from the SEO point of view?

The correct link profile for a site should contain branded links, obtained from sites that are considered to have a certain authority when referring to brands.

This includes both links and brand keywords. These links only come to confirm and make stronger the importance of the brand, mostly in editorials and texts.

To these links can be added optimized texts and keywords, combined with brand, or in non-banded combinations.

An important thing that should be kept in mind is that all links need to be obtained in the context of a good positioning of the site, depending on the query intent, as well as the relevance of the keywords. Of course, good rankings are going to be more difficult to obtain if the site is not relevant for the wanted keywords.

Various analyses have shown so far that the influence of the social signals when it comes to SEO are in continuous growth. Google Authorship is becoming more important, too, as the truth is that credibility is actually an important factor in determining the authority level of a site.

Meanwhile, the question how much does SEO matters for a strong brand still remains. Maybe, each brand can offer its own answer to this question.


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