Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Facebook Adds Video Calling to its Messenger App

Facebook users and fans should be happy to find out that the famous company has added another new feature, to enhance the social network's usability. So, Facebook introduced video calling to the Messenger app, which means that anyone with an Internet connection and the app installed on its device, will be able to easily talk to his friends or family.

"Today, we're introducing video calling in Messenger. Now you can have face-to-face conversations with your friends and the people you care about, via Messenger," a statement from Facebook said. 

Calls can be made from existing Messenger conversations, by clicking the video icon in the corner of the screen. Actually, a statement from Facebook explained why conversations can only start this way.

"It's not polite to call someone out of the blue anymore," the famous company claimed. "Best to text them first. That's why Facebook thinks video calling will live naturally inside Messenger."

Well, the fact that Facebook is willing to focus more on the communication aspect of its tools is no secret. The famous social network released its standalone web version of Messenger this month, trying to help users make communication easier. Moreover, Facebook also recently introduced Messenger Business.

So, it seems that what Facebook is trying to achieve is to make the social network the main communication tool for companies, businesses and regular users.

Well, the new Facebook Messenger video calling works with over LTE and WiFi and is currently available on both iOS and Android. Facebook has not commented on its potential plans to make the app available for BlackBerry and the Windows Phone, too. However, the famous company clarified the fact that the service works cross-platform, meaning that anyone owning an iPhone can communicate with someone owning a Samsung device, for instance.

Facebook also alleged that this service will be accessible for free, to all users. The company claimed that it is "fast, reliable and high quality."

"You can quickly start a video call from any conversation with just one tap. If you're messaging with someone and realize that words just aren’t enough, you can simply choose the video icon in the top right corner of the screen and start a video call right from within an existing Messenger conversation," Facebook concluded. 

For now, the tool is available for users in the US, UK, but also in a few countries in Europe. Facebook alleged that the new feature will be rolled out to other regions over the next few months. Of course, all users will soon be able to access the new feature.

It is yet to see how users will receive this feature, but it can turn out being a great competitor to FaceTime from Apple or Hangouts from Google, and even to the famous Microsoft service, Skype.

To improve the experience of its users, Facebook has also recently changed the algorithm of the News Feed, with the main purpose to prioritize some posts and deliver to customers the most relevant content and more updates from their closest friends.


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