Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Microsoft HoloLens Release Date Yet to be Revealed

Microsoft took advantage of the Build 2015 developer conference to announce the new Windows Holographic Platform. It seems that the company has moved forward into soon allowing developers to turn Windows 10 apps into holograms for the HoloLens.

It surely seems that Microsoft is willing to expand its development into augmented reality and the entire project looks quite promising.

Microsoft called the HoloLens a "holographic computer," which has the ability to work, while the user can enjoy the freedom of moving without the headset.

This means that the new HoloLens will not have to be connected to a computer, such as it was the case for the Oculus Rift. The user can in fact walk around the house, while remaining hands free.

The interesting thing about the HoloLens is that it will allow users to move around a space, while the Holographic apps they plans on using, will be moving along. Of course, this means that the user can have a skype call and see the person who he is talking to while moving around the house, or doing other things.

Users can arrange a room to display the apps they want. Moreover, they can pin their favorite apps to the walls that can be seen in the HoloLens platform and this way make sure that those apps will continue to be available each time when the user walks into that room.

By saying "follow me", an app can start following the user throughout the house, so this means that the person wearing HoloLens can make sure that his favorite entertainment will be there all the time.

Users may resize an app that they are using with the HoloLens. So, they can make videos take up an entire wall and watch their favorite shows on a huge screen.

Well, Microsoft unveiled now the HoloLens for developers, to be able to start working at creating apps.

An interesting fact about the new product is that it can run universal apps from Windows 10, such as Skype or Internet Explorer. The interesting product manages to create a hologram for these apps.

Everything works at the touch of the hand, so a simple hand gesture will be enough to launch apps. According to the famous company, apps can be both 2D and 3D. Microsoft revealed that this project is quite important and can have a great educational dimension.

For instance, the HoloLens can help students fully understand how the human body functions, as it will provide a whole new perspective to students. The HoloLens can turn out being a powerful educational tool, depending on the apps that are released for its usage.

Microsoft claimed that architecture firms can also see the amazing benefits of the HoloLens. They can use this device to create interactive models for buildings plans. Arts, chemistry or history, can also be learned with the use of the new device.

So, this means that Microsoft plans on making the HoloLens more than a headset used for watching videos, playing games or enjoying other entertainment options.

However, the famous tech giant did not reveal at this point when the new product will be available for sale.


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