Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Google to Launch 2 Nexus Phones

Google seems to be trying to keep it up with its competitors on the market and the famous company is now said to be working at the release of no less than 2 Nexus phones. The Nexus lineup has always been quite successful, so such a release may not be a bad idea. Well, rumors indicate that the two Nexus smartphones that the company plans on launching this year actually are a normal-sized phone from LG and a phablet from Huawei.

Rumors indicate that Google will release both devices in October, although, as imagined, nothing has been confirmed on this matter. Actually, everything that has been exposed now was in fact released due to a leak. What rumors seem to indicate is that even though Google will be focusing on its smartphone lineup, the popular company will not do the same for its tablet lineup.

So, Google fans might be disappointed to find out that the popular company will not release a new Nexus tablet this year. Well, this is what is speculated, but it does not mean that Google could not impress everyone and also release such a new device.

When it comes to the new smartphones, rumors are not that revealing, either. So, there is no information on the specs they are set to feature, on the resolution or storage capacity of the two devices. However, analysts seems to believe that LG's phone will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, while Huawei will feature the Snapdragon 810 processor on its new device.

One thing is expected from both devices: to increase battery life. Battery life has actually been a common problem for many smartphone makers, who have been trying to address this issue for quite some time. It is yet unknown if Google managed to do so with its upcoming devices. According to the latest reports, they will come with a 2700mAh battery and 3500mAh battery, respectively.

Will Google release two new phones? The rumors are without a doubt curious, as Google is not particularly known for such releases. Actually, the famous company has always released just once flagship device at a time. Maybe, the tech giant is being inspired by Apple, which has become quite well-known for releasing two new iPhone models at once.

Moreover, releasing both models might be something required by the market, given that there are numerous users in the world who love phablets and Google seems to be willing to respond to their needs. Rumors also indicate that the company plans on releasing both phone models all around the world. Well, on this aspect, opinions are shared. Some seem to believe that Google will release two Nexus phones for two different parts of the world, at costs and featuring specs that are most likely to be popular in each area.

Well, in just a few months, we will be able to find out exactly what will be released on the market. This year promises to come with a series of new devices and the tech world may be able to impress with the new releases.


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