Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Google's Android Next Update: Fingerprint Support

Smartphones are no longer used just for communication. In fact, these smart devices are a very important part of the user's everyday life.

People tend to store a lot of personal and sensitive information on these devices, including passwords, pictures or messages.

Protecting a phone's security has become crucial in this context, so there is no wonder that operating system developers are thinking about ways to make sure that security and privacy will be more difficult to compromise.

Google has surely joined this team, considering new ways to secure user information on its Android operating system. Rumors indicate that the next update that the famous tech giant will make to the Android operating system will actually be full support for fingerprint sensors.

This update aims to allow developers to add fingerprint sensing into their applications and allow users to freely benefit of security all across the Android operating system.
Google's Android Next Update: Fingerprint Support

Reports indicate that Google will make the big release at the upcoming Google I/O conference that is set to take place soon.

Of course, if the rumors turn out being true, this will actually be the first step of the fingerprint authentication process.

So, this means that for now Google will actually launch an application programming interface for fingerprint sensing to developers. Developers are expected to take the new technology and integrate it into their apps with the purpose to make the authentication process controlled by fingerprint.

Depending on level to which Google will bring its new feature, this can turn out being revolutionary or not.

If the fingerprint support will only be limited to apps, then Google will just introduce on the market something that Apple's iOS software has been having for quite some time. The iOS supports the Touch ID fingerprint across both the operating system and third party apps.

At the moment, Android devices, including the smartphones released by Apple, come only with fingerprint sensors that allow users to lock and unlock their devices.

However, this could be translated into much more and can even turn out being a way to secure a device. Fingerprint sensors in app authentication could mean that users will be able to open their email or banking application easily and maybe also more securely.

So, security may be the main reason why this technology can turn out being great, but convenience should not be ignored, either.

Just placing the finger to log into applications means that users don't have to memorize passwords or fear that someone will see their passwords while trying to log in. So, it seems that in this context, fingerprint-based technology is actually becoming a much-have feature.

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed on this matter. In fact, Google is yet to confirm even the fact that it plans on launching a new update to its operating system for mobile devices.

This means that it is yet to discover exactly what Apple has prepared for next. Moreover, one of the most curious facts about the rumored release is how Google plans on securing data. Naturally, this is also something yet to be discovered.


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