Saturday, May 16, 2015

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Google's Self-driving Cars involved in 11 Accidents

If Google has always claimed that its self-driving car will reduce the frequency of accidents, it surely seems that the famous company has to rethink the entire story.

Google just revealed that its self-driving car has already been involved in no less than 11 accidents. However, the accidents were not caused by the smart car, but by other drivers, Google claimed.
We’ve been hit from behind seven times, mainly at traffic lights but also on the freeway," a statement from Chris Urmson, the head of Google's autonomous car program indicated. 

Light damage, no injuries," he went on to add. "We've also been side-swiped a couple of times and hit by a car rolling through a stop sign," he explained. 

There are more than 20 Google self-driving cars on the streets at the moment. Urmson alleged that the accidents occurred in the last six years during which the car has been on the streets.

He pointed out that none of the accidents was caused by the car, which is very safe. Of course, Google also pointed that no severe injuries were registered in these accidents.

Google has always claimed that its self-driving cars have the so-called safety-drivers which are much safer than regular vehicles.

Even when our software and sensors can detect a sticky situation and take action earlier and faster than an alert human driver, sometimes we won't be able to overcome the realities of speed and distance; sometimes we'll get hit just waiting for a light to change," Urmson claimed.
And that's important context for communities with self-driving cars on their streets; although we wish we could avoid all accidents, some will be unavoidable.

However, Urmson went on to add that the experience already gained on the streets is extremely valuable for the future development of the project, so maybe Google will come with new improvements that may prevent situations such as the ones it already had to deal with.

Urmson also claimed that the Google self-driving car will continue to be out on the roads, gaining experience and helping developers better understand all incidents that can occur on the streets.

Will continue to drive thousands of miles so we can all better understand the all too common incidents that cause many of us to dislike day-to-day driving.

Allegedly, the reason why Google took the decision to release this report regarding the number of incidents that involved the Google self-driving car is linked to a request from Consumer Watchdog, which asked the company to release such reports with the purpose to properly inform customers.
Unbelievably, Google is planning to offer its robot cars without a steering wheel, brake pedal or accelerator so there would be no way for a person to take control in an emergency," the president of Consumer Watchdog claimed.
Google has definitely built the car of the future, but it is yet to discover how successful this vehicle will turn out being and how safe Google will be able to make it. Google is yet to convince customers from all over the world how safe its vehicle really is.


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