Monday, May 25, 2015

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Instagram Launches Highlights Email Service

Instagram does not seem to need to find a new way to keep users engaged, as the social media app is enjoying a great popularity. However, when it comes to communication and tech world, things are evolving so quickly that there is no wonder that the famous company is willing to introduce some improvements to its services.

So, Instagram will be launching the so-called "highlights" email service, with the main purpose to keep users engaged.

Allegedly, the new app will function quite simply: it will send emails to users to show them exactly what they have missed when they did not log into the social media app.

The unsolicited email digest will contain what Instagram considered to be the most interesting posts from people followed by a particular user.

Allegedly, the app will be able to make people once again interested in Instagram. So, the app aims to show users who have not engaged with the social media app in a while, exactly what they have been missing. Of course, the goal is to make them once again show interest in Instagram.

Well, this is the first time when Instagram has sent such emails to users, so it is yet to see how they will react to them. Some analysts alleged that the popular app actually needed this change.

So, experts claimed that although Instagram is known to have more than 300 million monthly users, these numbers actually also include numerous individuals who hardly engage with the social media app.

This is why some claimed that people actually need Highlights to help them remember exactly what they have been missing.

It surely seems that Instagram is not the only social media that needs to remind users to access their accounts and check other people's posts. Twitter did the same. The famous social network already launched a Highlights feature, which is set to send notifications to users twice each day.

So, Facebook remains the only social media giant which has not added such a feature, at least not yet.

However, it seems that the popular company would also be interested in introducing it. Reports indicate that younger people tend to use less and less Facebook, which is without a doubt interested in making people stay on the social network.

So, analysts believe that Facebook is also interested in the idea of mailing and texting users with these daily Highlights. Pinterest also sends email notifications to users, letting them known when their friends join or when someone pins something new.

Are people less interested in social media nowadays? It definitely looks like a change might occur in this area of communication. All companies are interested in drawing and maintaining users, as engagement is highly important. However, it is important to mention that all these services allow users to opt out in case they find their emails or notifications annoying.

The fact that companies allow users to not receive this service is important, as otherwise they would only spam people, who would most likely be even less interested in engaging into everyday use of the social media app or network.


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