Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Microsoft Celebrates 25 Years of Solitaire

Microsoft has managed to introduce a series of new features and technologies throughout its history. One of the interesting parts of the famous company's history is actually the popular Solitaire. The game that has always been part of Windows, and has actually been quite popular among people from all over the world, was a success for the tech giant.

Solitaire has been a game easily accessible to anyone who had the Windows operating system installed on their devices and this game has actually been played at least once by everyone. Now, Solitaire has celebrated 25 years, despite the huge competition that the most recent years have brought on the gaming market.

"It was 25 years ago that Microsoft Solitaire debuted on Windows, and to honor the decades of fun it's given us all, we're celebrating with two big competitions," a blog post from Windows said. 

This means that Microsoft has found a really special way of celebrating the 25th anniversary of its game that made history. Microsoft will actually be hosting a tournament.

Microsoft employees already organized an internal competition, while on June 5, the best team will show its skills against the public, at the launch of an online tournament. The competition is said to be opened to all game models, including FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, TriPeaks and Pyramid.

Solitaire was first released on Windows 3.0 version. It continued to be featured in all Windows updates, until the Windows 7, which was the last featuring it. This means that Solitaire was featured on hundreds of millions of computers, being played by millions of users. Windows 8 did not feature Solitaire, but it seems that Windows users did not appreciate at all the change.

So, there is no wonder after all that Solitaire is said to be returning to Windows 10, although it will come in a brand new form, the Windows Solitaire Collection. It has been claimed that in Windows 10, users won't have to play the game in full screen mode. Well, it is yet to see how the competition will evolve, but it definitely seems to be really interesting.

Meanwhile, Microsoft seems to be focusing on a deep change. The famous company recently announced that it plans on changing everything that users knew about email. So, speculation emerged indicating that the tech giant started working on a new email app. According to rumors, the new app is called Flow and will offer users fast, fluid, as well as natural conversations.

So, it seems that Microsoft is interested in this app as a possibility to enter the world of instant messaging services, which are without a doubt extremely popular nowadays. Moreover, Flow is said to be aiming to combine the email with instant messages, to provide something new and unique to the
customer. Some analysts claimed that this app will actually complement the Outlook and will be similar to the Skype Qik.

Microsoft has not officially introduced the new app yet, so it is yet to see if rumors will be confirmed after all.


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