Monday, May 11, 2015

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Microsoft Ditches ActiveX Technology in Edge Browser

Microsoft is set to release a new browser and it seems that the famous company plans on introducing a series of changes. Microsoft detailed some of these changes in a blog post recently shared on its official website. These changes aim to fundamentally differentiate the upcoming Edge Web browser from the Internet Explorer.

The Edge was first unveiled by Microsoft back in February, but back then the tech giant revealed only few details about how the new browser will function and what it will introduce. Now, it has been revealed that the new browser will actually ditch support for legacy APIs, including ActiveX. ActiveX was actually first introduced by Microsoft back in 1996. The purpose of the release was to allow native windows technologies to run in web pages and to provide a more secure browsing experience to all users.

However, the API is outdated and the fact that Microsoft plans on ditching it is not shocking at all. In fact, the famous company has expressed for years its intention to move to this direction. Allegedly, the main reason why the popular company made this move is linked to the alleged security risks that user might have faced.

However, in its blog post Microsoft alleged that the ActiveX will no longer be needed because of the capabilities of HTML5.

"The need for ActiveX controls has been significantly reduced by HTML5-era capabilities, which also produces interoperable code across browsers," Microsoft's blog post said. 

The Internet Explorer Edge is actually considered to be a fresh start for Microsoft, the famous company rebuilding this browser from the ground up. Besides ditching ActiveX, the new browser will also give up the use of DirectX Filters and VBScript.

Microsoft claimed that this will actually make the new web browser faster, meaner and cleaner. Moreover, the famous tech giant claimed that this will be a competitive rival on the web browsers market, able to impress in both terms of performance and speed.

"Not supporting these legacy technologies in Microsoft Edge has a number of benefits: better interoperability with other modern browsers, improved performance, security and reliability, and reduced code complexity, just to name a few," Microsoft claimed. 

"And just like all good developers, ours love to delete code — over 220,000 lines of code in MSHTML have been removed from Microsoft Edge HTML!"

Well, the Edge is said to replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10 and this is without a doubt a huge change for the famous company. However, many enterprises may be impacted by this decision taken by Microsoft. Actually, this is the main reason why Microsoft decided to keep its browser around on
indefinite time period. Numerous enterprises are depended on the browser's features and need time to be able to move away from them.

So, Microsoft announced that IE will still be available, only that it will just feature some security improvements, meaning that Microsoft will not add to it any new features or functionalities. Of course, the popular tech giant hopes that this way it will determine people to move to the Edge easier.


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