Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Pebble Time to become Android's most Successful Smartwatch?

The smartwatches market is not simple at all. In fact, becoming extremely successful on this market seems to be quite difficult for many high tech makers. The release of the Apple Watch aims to change that and this product actually seems to be willing to become the most successful smartwatch ever.

And many analysts do not have a doubt in the fact that Apple will manage to achieve that purpose, as its product is unique and much better in terms of both specs and design than any other smartwatch on the market.

However, this does not mean that other companies are not trying to conquer the market with their products, too. And some may be able to achieve it. Pebble recently revealed its latest smartwatch and the new device definitely managed to impress.

Actually, Pebble Time is considered to be the best smartwatch for Android users. So, while Pebble will definitely be unable to beat the Apple Watch in terms of anything, this smartwatch may be able to conquer the Android market.

So, the Apple Watch works exclusively with the iPhone, which means that Android users have no other choice than opt for something else. The Pebble Time seems to be a little bit more pleasant than watches that run Android operating system, which might make it the primary choice for numerous users.

The device can be purchased at the cost of $199, being a true spiritual successor to the Casio Calculator watch, which can turn out attract numerous users.

Moreover, the device is available in red, white or black, which means that users may find this smartwatch interesting also when it comes to perfectly accessorizing their looks. The new device also comes with color e-paper display, which is without a doubt a great addition, making the whole product look more livid.

When it comes to battery life, Pebble has also managed to impress. The device offers more than five days battery, as some tests showed. Pebble claimed that the device's life can last up to seven days on a single charge and it seems that the famous company has not disappointed its fans.

The fact that the product is easily customizable is also a thing that fans will surely appreciate. Users can also install as many watch faces as they want. The system also runs well, so users will most likely be pleased with it.

Still, analysts seem to believe that the feature that users will find to be most interesting at this watch is actually the Timeline feature. With this feature and the use of the up and down button, information will be displayed in chronological order and divided into past, present and future.

However, the device will not allow users to create content or compose a text message from scratch, which users may not like that much.

Without a doubt, the Pebble Time is not at all a competitor to the Apple Watch, having much smaller ambitions than the impressive device that Apple released. Still, depending on what customers expect from such a product, the Pebble can turn out being a good choice.


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