Friday, June 12, 2015

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Former Apple engineers release the oven that can identify food

It looks like June is not only the name of a month in the calendar. June is also a new tech company which released an oven named the June Intelligent Oven, available at the price of nearly 1,500 dollars.

However, it is important to know that the intelligent oven is available for preorder only, on the company’s website. The intelligent oven comes with enough computing horsepower that can run a high-end computer game.

The Oven Intelligent Oven is a microwave-seized countertop oven that features a 5-inch touchscreen, a quad-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, Wi-Fi, a single control dial that actually is its only real physical button and a high-end definition camera, protected behind the glass.

This intelligent oven promises not only to cook items up to 12-13-pound chicken in size, but it actually will be figuring out what users will want when they put a dish onto inside. The process of recognition lasts between 1-2 seconds. With this kind of feature, the company tries to estimate each dish typical cooking time, so this way users will not ruin up their meals.

"Right now we are experts in steak, chicken, white fish, salmon, bacon, cookie dough, brownie mix, toast, bagels, and hamburger buns," Matt Van Horn, June’s co-founder and CEO, alleged. 

He also declared that the release will not stop here and the company will actually expand what the oven can identify over time, with various software updates.

An oven that recognizes food is something that people will not see in store every day. This incredible thing is accomplished by a camera system built into the very top of the oven that pulls double duty. This camera is running computer vision algorithms on user’s dishes to identify them, but also to allow users to see what’s happening inside the oven, using their smartphone or tablet.

Well it might be quite hard to identify two pieces of meat that look nearly the same. Nikhil Bhogal, June’s co-founder and CTO explained the process.

"Natural foods all have micro-textures, which book different upon closer inspection," he said. 

"With pork versus beef, they both have different-looking fat patterns. That’s what we train the computer to do."

Without a doubt, this is a pretty impressive discovery, but its creators admitted that the price tag may not be for the common buyer.

"We feel that this small space works for 80 percent of these cases that have a small family," Bhogal went on to say. 
"If you’re making six cookies for dessert for a family of three or four, you don’t need to fire up a 5-cubic-foot oven just to do that. With constant use, this will work out to be much better, energy- and money-wise."

The company alleged that it currently is working on the details of warranty and customer support related to the product to make sure that clients will meet no issues with the purchase. Meanwhile, it is yet to see if people will be interested in this intelligent product and how the June intelligent oven will be received on the market.


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