Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Google Releases Chrome Update to Reduce Power Consumption

Google seems to be more and more focused on addressing the issues that customers are complaining
about. And there is no wonder in that, as the tech world is in constant evolution and each company has to do its best to be able to keep its customers satisfied.

Now, Google decided to address an issue that many users have been complaining about for years: Chrome's massive power consumption.

The famous company recently announced that it will be releasing an update that will make the Google Chrome web browser consume less battery power. The official announcement on the release of this update was made by Google on its official blog page.

The blog post said that the Chrome update will significantly reduce the power consumption of the browser. Chrome is actually well known to be the browser with the highest consumption of battery life, consuming more energy than Safari, Internet Explorer or other browsers.

How did Google manage to achieve this? Well, according to the company's software engineer, Tommy Li, it is all linked to a brand new approach that Google plans on using when it comes to Adobe Flash.

The popular company claimed that instead of allowing Adobe Flash to run all graphics, animations and videos, to play automatically when a webpage opens and is completely loaded, with the new update, the process will be dampened and Google will make sure that Flash will actually use less energy.

Well, it is important to mention that for now the update is available in beta version of Chrome. Moreover, some analysts seem to believe that although this update might be able to address the already mentioned issue, it may not be the best Google update to fix some bugs or issues that can be met in the browser.

Users should know that the feature will be turned on by the update for all users. This means that they do not have to go to the settings page and make changes in order to benefit from less battery consumption.

Users who are anxious to discover the benefits of this update can download it themselves from Chrome's website, otherwise they will have to wait until the feature will be automatically introduced, gradually for all users.

Google also claimed that more improvements will be released in the following months. However, the famous company did not explain exactly what these improvements will be. Still, the first step was definitely made and actually this is an important step for Google. The post shared by the famous company was most likely the first time when Google admitted that its successful Chrome web browser is not as power efficient as it should be.

Google Chrome was first released in 2008. At that time, the web browser was actually promoted as the most efficient web browser in the world. However, while other web browser developers have probably made some improvements throughout the years, Google has never focused on the energy consumption aspect. Luckily for users, Google realized that something had to be done and the popular company released this new update.


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