Monday, June 8, 2015

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Samsung Reveals Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung managed to steal the spotlight from Apple this time. Ahead of Apple's latest event, Samsung went to release the Galaxy S6 Active, an impressive device which aims to address the issue that smartphone users have complained about most in the past few years: battery life.

So, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active addresses to uses who are leading an active lifestyle. The new phone is a little thicker than Samsung S6, but there is an important reason for that: a bigger battery. The release is not very shocking, as Samsung has actually used its fans to release a version of its flagship headset in a more interesting device. Samsung is said to start the sales of its new device on June 12.

In terms of specs, it is important to know that there aren't that many changes in comparison with the traditional Galaxy S6, of course, besides the impressive 3500mAh battery that makes this device such an interesting and impressive release. Still, it is important to know that for the bigger battery and extended life of the device, users will have to sacrifice the slim design that Samsung has always presented in its smart devices.  

However, they may find that to be a small price to pay for the many benefits. The casting of the new device is water resistant, up to 1.5 meters for a half-hour, shock resistant and dust proof. The camera is great, the device comes with a 16 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front image sensor and 5.1-inch Quad HD resolution Super AMOLED screen. The device also comes with 32 GB of storage capacity.

It seems that with this device, Samsung has actually focused on the outdoor element. The new Samsung smartphone seems to be perfect for outdoor due to the fact that it has longer battery life, it is water and dust resistant and performs perfectly well in all conditions. Thus, the new device address the more adventurous Samsung fans.

An interesting thing about the device, which may be quite appreciated by fans, is the fact that the Galaxy S6 Active comes in Camo White, Camo Blue or Gray colors. The new phone will be released exclusively in partnership with AT&T, in the United States. The famous company has not revealed at this point when the phone will be released in other locations around the globe.

"As we’ve shown over the past three years as the exclusive provider of Samsung’s Galaxy S active family, we feel that our customers shouldn’t have to trade durability for best-in-class specs. The Galaxy S6 active is the best Galaxy S6 in the market. It combines all the premium features of the Galaxy S6, but also is durable enough to can handle wear and tear," Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Device Marketing and Developer Services, AT&T Mobility, claimed. 

AT&T stated that the phone will come at the cost of $199 with the usual 2-year contract.

Well, it is yet to see how this new device will be received on the market and how successful it will really be.


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