Sunday, June 7, 2015

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Skype for Web Beta available in US and UK

Skype for web beta is finally here. This means that lucky uses in the US and UK will be able to access the new service. Users in both countries can access or and use the messenger service with no need to install an app or a program on their devices. With this move, Microsoft aims to make the service more easy to use and to draw more customers into accessing it.

The Skype for web was quite expected by users, given that Microsoft announced its intentions to release such a service about seven months ago. Back then, the tech giant claimed that it would launch an in-browser version of the messaging service.

The only difference between Skype for web and the Skype app or downloadable program is that users will not need to consume their device's memory or resources any longer to be able to use the platform.

All that users need to do is to sign in to Skype beta for Web and start using the service, sending messages or making calls all around the world. Well, the only thing that Microsoft aimed with this move is to help users access the service, anytime and anywhere.

"Perhaps you're sitting at a Windows or Mac computer in an Internet cafe or hotel that doesn't already have Skype downloaded," the senior product marketing manager for user reach and engagement claimed in a blog post talking about the new product.

However, it is important to know that users willing to use Skype beta for Web will only be able to access it from Internet Explorer 10 and up, as well as on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Users have to check the version of their web browsers and make sure that it is compatible.

Otherwise, they may find that the service will not work on their devices. Mac users should also be pleased to find out that Skype for Business is available on their devices too, but, of course, it works only with Safari 6 and newer versions.

Still, this is not the only thing that users should know before trying to use the web service. At least for now, users will have to download a small plug-in to start a conversation. Of course, users will get the instructions they need to know when logging in.

Maybe, Microsoft will work to change this in the future and really make the service available instantly for use, with no need to download anything, but it is yet to see if and when that will happen.

During its beta, Microsoft will test a few things, including browser availability and battery consumption, at least for Mac users. Of course, Microsoft will find new ways to improve the service and actually the company claimed that it already made some improvements to it. Another thing that Microsoft claimed is that regardless of the Skype platform used, the program syncs across all devices.

The famous company has been quite focused on its Skype service in the most recent time. For instance, in April, Microsoft rolled out the new Skype for Business, which replaced Microsoft's Lync video and Web conferencing platform.


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