Friday, July 10, 2015

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Facebook interested in Music Services

While the music market seems to be targeted by tech giants with the release of streaming music
services, Facebook seems to also show interest in this domain. It looks like the famous company was
influenced by Apple's latest move of releasing the Apple Music service.

So, Apple has launched a new app that offers users access to the music they like for a small subscription fee. To convince customers that its service is much better than what they can find at competitors, Apple has offered a three months free trial period to all users. If Apple will really be able to convince customers that its services are better than the ones of its competitors is yet to be found out.

However, it seems that Facebook is now also interested in this domain and is willing to get involved in the music industry. Well, even though many expected to see the famous company willing to purchase Spotify, it looks like Facebook might be having other plans.

A new report by the New York Times claimed that rather than joying the crowded streaming landscape, Facebook might be thinking at something that involves music videos, a market that has always been dominated by YouTube.

According to this report, what Facebook is willing to do is to convince music labels that inserting music videos to users' feeds is a great idea. Supposedly, the famous social network has already started talks with major recording labels and is promising better deals than YouTube to convince them to join the project. Moreover, these reports said that Facebook also promised that it would be more effective in eliminating unauthorized videos shared by users.

If the report turns out being true, this would actually be a huge step that Facebook makes in increasing its competition with YouTube and of course Google. However, the talks between music labels and the social network are still in an early stage, so anything might happen.

Well, if Facebook really manages to score this deal, customers will be the ones to win, as the social
network is actually the only company who can take to YouTube and be a serious competitor. Without a doubt, this competition would also be interesting to watch, as YouTube claims to have more than 1
billion monthly users, while Facebook says it has 1.4 billion.

However, this is not the first time when it is said that Facebook might be interested in entering the music world. Previous reports said that the famous company was developing a music streaming service, similar to Spotify, Rdio or Apple Music.

Still, the popular company responded to these rumors and denied such intentions. However, Facebook did not try to hide that video was something interesting for them and a big development opportunity.

And having under consideration the business's specific, it would not be shocking at all. Facebook
purchased WhatsApp and Instagram in order to make communication and photo sharing easier for users.

These are two of the most important reasons why people access the social media site. Thus, it has only left to fulfil its video ambitions.


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