Sunday, July 26, 2015

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LinkedIn Changes Download Feature

LinkedIn just rolled out an important change to one of its most important features. However, it seems that users were quite upset with the famous company for making this release. The feature actually allowed users to easily export contacts from LinkedIn.

Still, with the changes that the famous company rolled out now, it is going to take up to 72 hours to complete this task.

So, this means that all users who want to download their first degree connections will have to go through a process taking up to 3 days, although until now they were able to do this in just a few minutes.

Until now, the feature was seen as quite useful, so LinkedIn's decision was considered quite shocking by its users. The company has not given users too much detail on its reasons to make this decision, sharing only a statement lacking in detail.
Our members can continue to easily request an export all of the data LinkedIn has stored on their account, by visiting our help center," the statement said.

Immediately after discovering the change, users accused LinkedIn of trying to make them spend more time on the platform.

This hypothesis is not something impossible, as all social networks have shown lately an enhanced interest in finding ways to keep people engaged for longer periods of time.

LinkedIn's decision managed to create quite an outrage among users and the famous company seems to have already realized that it actually made a mistake. So, the company decided to revive the tool just one day after it quietly removed it.

A statement from LinkedIn claimed that it listened to the reactions of users and decided to make the feature available, at least until the waiting time for the new download possibility would be reduced.

"We’ve heard you loud and clear — that is too long to have to wait for a download of connection information," the vice president of product management, Michael Korcuska said. "

Effective immediately, we have turned the CSV download link back on," he added. This means that both ways to export data will be available for now.

LinkedIn has not provided any information on when it plans to permanently remove one of the options and how long will the other finally take to complete the download. So, users would definitely be interested if the download time will decrease from 72 hours to one hour or even a few minutes.

LinkedIn has been struggling lately to keep up with the improvements that Facebook and Twitter have constantly introduced.

Although LinkedIn is different from these two social networks, being business oriented, it still needs to find ways to keep users engaged.

It seems that now, the company tried to simplify something, but in fact it turned out to create outrage among fans, who were not interested at all in the feature if it meant that they had to wait much more to complete a task.

It is yet to discover how LinkedIn will evolve in terms of what the popular company will introduce for its users.


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