Sunday, July 5, 2015

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MasterCard App to Allow Payments Made Through Selfies

MasterCard seems to be willing to help its customers by making the payment process as simple as possible. The famous company seems to be willing to allow customers to pay for things purchased with a simple selfie.

Allegedly, the new system would be based on a prototype biometric app that can scan the customer's face or fingerprint to authorize the payment and verify the customer's identify. This is said to make the whole process faster, but also more secure given the identification options.

The credit card company is still working at the mobile app. MasterCard revealed that its facial recognition system, which verifies the identity of the customer, has covered all possibilities to avoid theft.

The company claimed that after a user will download the app, a payment can be done simply by looking at the phone. However, the user has to blink once. The purpose of blinking is to prevent thieves from showing the app a picture of the customer's face.

Of course, this new development is just the latest showing interest in the possibility to make payments using interesting, fast and intelligent apps.

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of life nowadays, so customers are also interested in using their smart devices with the purpose to make payments easier. The first service that showed the possibility to make payments with the use of a smartphone was of course released by Apple.

The Apple Pay showed that customers were really interested in such possibilities. Google also released an option, the Google Wallet, while the Barclaycard bPay was also launched on the market. More banks have also shown interest in this type of payments services, a UK bank actually announcing that it will operate entirely through an app.

Well, although customers seem to enjoy such apps, while MasterCard showed to be working at its release, the famous company did not reveal when and if the app will become widely available for use. Probably, the popular company has to run more tests to make sure that it is as secure as possible.

One of the most important things that users should know is that the app will not send the pictures taken by users to MasterCard for identification.

It will actually convert an image into a code, which will be sent to the company. MasterCard claimed that this was a really secure way of identifying the user.

Moreover, with the use of this new identification manner, users would no longer need passwords or PIN codes. Another thing that MasterCard is testing is voice recognition. This could also be transformed into a secure identification method.

The app was first revealed by the company's President of Enterprise Security and Safety, Ajay Bhalla, during an interview with CNN. Well, it is yet to see when the new app will be released and how it will be received by customers.

Moreover, it is yet to see how identification ways will be changing in the future, in general, as the trend seems to be focused on a move to voice or fingerprint recognition, which would definitely be more difficult to breach.


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