Monday, July 13, 2015

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More People Using Facebook and Twitter for News

People access social media sources on daily basis. Some people actually tend to spend a lot of time on these sites, communicating with their loved ones, sharing things and searching for information.

There is no wonder after all that people are also using social media as a source of news. This means that people read news they can find on Facebook and Twitter instead of turning directly to news providers.

The revelations were made by Pew Research center, which claimed that about 63% of all Twitter and Facebook users access news sources on the social media site. Moreover, the research indicated that the number of people interested in accessing such information here has increased from around 50% in 2013.

Actually, this does not seem to be a secret for Facebook or Twitter, which most recently have started to be really interested in investing more in the news aspect of their operations.

So, while Twitter introduced for its users the live video-streaming app Periscope, Facebook has launched Trending Now, which provides users the possibility to see what is most discussed, allowing them to sort posts by popular topics.

And the two famous companies might be willing to invest even more. Twitter is said to be introducing the Project Lighting, which is a new initiative aiming to curate the news that are shared throughout the world.

Well, when it comes to the battle between the biggest social networks, it seems that the winner might be Twitter. The new report indicated that Twitter is much more accessed than Facebook when it comes to breaking news.

So, users on Twitter follow these news at almost double the rate than Facebook users do. Moreover, Twitter offers users more options when it comes to accessing stories about politics, businesses, sports and that may not be all. Users can also find international affairs stories using Twitter.

This means that Facebook actually has to do something and invest more on this part of its business. Overall, this is a domain that could grow a lot for the famous social networks.

So, even though overall many people read news on Twitter and Facebook, they are still the primary news source for a limited number of users, at least for now.

So, from all the users that Facebook and Twitter have at the moment, only below 10 are using the social networks as a primary news source.

 Less than 4% of Facebook users and 8% of Twitter users consider the social networks the most important way to gain access to news. But, this is without a doubt something of great interest and the trend on a growth is visible. This means that soon enough these statistics might start to increase in an impressive manner.

Without a doubt, it looks like not only social networks are interested in offering users easy access to News. Apple also seemed to be willing to invest in such a service.

Actually, the Apple News app was recently introduced by the famous company trying to help Apple users find everything they are interested in on this app, meaning that the purpose is to become a primary and unique source of news for Apple customers.


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