Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Disappoints

Unfortunately for the famous company, the Galaxy S6 has not been able to reach the impressive sales
figures that Samsung expected. In fact, it seems that sales for Samsung's latest smartphone have started to decline. The decrease in sale is demonstrated by the reduced revenues that Samsung reported in June. Actually, the tech giant predicted a 4.2 drop in operating profit, compared with the same period of last year.

Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6

The best way to explain this notable drop in sales is through the tough competition that Samsung has on the market. And of course, the most important competition came from Apple. Samsung previously had an important benefit over Apple. The famous company was actually designing and releasing a large display smartphone that users seemed to love.

However, last fall Apple introduced on the market the Phone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two large screen
devices that directly competed against Samsung's phone, for the same clients interested in a high end
large screen phone.

And it seems that people were really curious to discover this new device, so curious that Apple registered spectacular sales. The iPhone has sold in dozens of millions of units and it continues to have great sales.  Without a doubt, a larger screen iPhone was something that people
wanted and expected to see.

Well, it seems that Samsung failed to react to this release and it did not manage to convince customers with its S6. Moreover, some analysts claimed that the biggest mistake that Samsung did was trying to make its device look and feel more like the iPhone. So, the S6 was released without two things that customers seemed to like about Samsung's smartphones: a removable battery and micro SD card slot.

Failure to meet demand for S6 Edge

Not only that Samsung was unable to deliver something that customers wanted with the S6, but it also failed to predict how the market was evolving. So, the tech giant believed that the S6 would be its most popular device, when actually the S6 Edge registered the biggest success. The company estimated that it would sell four Galaxy S6 smartphones for each S6 Edge. However, the demand was much higher for the Edge and Samsung was not ready for it. This means that its production failed to meet the requests received from the market and Samsung lost profits.

More devices released featuring the Android operating system

For Samsung, the competition is not only represented by Apple. In fact, there are so many Android
devices on the market that Samsung is just one of the numerous companies that offer such
smartphones. This means that competition is quite increased for the tech giant. Moreover, since these
devices come with the same OS, differences are only in design, interface tweaks and stability. From this point of view, convincing customers to opt for the brand is not easy.

Given all this, Samsung has to make sure that all these issues will be addressed and its upcoming releases and to make sure that it will manage to beat the competition.


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