Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Samsung released Samsung HW-J7500

Nowadays, curved TVs are enjoying a lot of popularity and Samsung is one of the companies which has managed to gain this part of the market. Samsung has some interesting TVs in its lineup, which are probably considered some of the best released until now. Well, many customers who purchased a
model of a curved TV probably tried to pair it with a traditional flat sound bar.

However, a flat sound bar and a curved TV many not look perfect together. Samsung has also thought of that and the famous company released a curved sound bar, too, named Samsung HW-J7500. This curved sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer and a modern, yet low-profile look.

Samsung HW-J7500 is quite strong, featuring a large variety of connectivity options, such as wireless
multiroom. Helped by EQ tweaking, this sound bar sounds pretty loud. However, most likely its main
attraction remains its design, which, for people who own a curved TV, makes this device the most
recommended sound bar at the moment.

Still, it is worth mentioning that Samsung also has a strong competitor on the market and that is Sony’s HT-ST5. Samsung HW-J7500 comes at the price of 800 dollars, which makes this a rather expensive product. This means that most likely many customers will have second thoughts about purchasing this products on the spot, mainly because there are plenty other bars that are available for less money.

The famous company has released its first curved flatscreen in 2014 and it looks like this year it wanted to release something new and launched this interesting curved bar. To be mentioned that Samsung also released curved Blu-ray players. It looks like the famous company will not have too many competitors on the market, because approximately all companies have in their lineups only straight-edged boxes.

Samsung’s HW-J7500 comes with an amazing 48.4-inch width and it is curved enough to match the
company’s curved displays. This sound bar is designed to fit Samsung’s 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch
curved TVs.

Moreover, Samsung HW-J7500 can also match LG’s OLED models, which is a great thing for the famous company, as this means that it will be able to address a larger category of customers with this release.

On top of the curved bar, users will find a minimum of controls to handle volume, source selection and power. It also has a six-character LED readout that helps users navigate the setup and also provides cues. Moreover, Samsung’s HW-J7500 subwoofer measures 19.7 by 13.1 by 6.3 inches. It may seem a huge device with these measures, but this wireless subwoofer is probably the biggest sound bar subs on the market. To be mentioned that this sub is not curved. 

Well, it looks like Samsung managed to release a new product for customers interested in enjoying a
unique TV experience at home. Samsung has put a lot of effort in its TV lineup, so the new release is not shocking at all. However, it is yet to see how much customers will like this product.


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