Monday, July 20, 2015

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Spam Email to be over?

Many people have complained and still do about receiving an impressive number of spam emails. Nobody likes getting their inbox filled with spam and unfortunately there is nothing they can do about it. However, there might be some good news for those who really hate spam, as it has actually been revealed that it reached a 12-year low.

This means that in the past few months, many users might have noticed that the amount of spam that reached their email accounts has decreased.

Well, they can rest assured that this is not a simple phase and it is not something limited to a number of accounts. At least, this is what a new Symantec report indicated. According to the report, the overall spam rate in June has decreased to 49.7%.
 In fact, statistics have shown that this is the first time when the rate has fallen below 50% for over a decade.
spam rate graph

Symantec claimed that the last time when they have seen such a small rate was in September 2003. Of course, this does not mean that spam email is close to ending, but a decrease in its amount is without a doubt something appreciated by users.

However, analysts from Symantec did not have only good news to share. In fact, they also claimed that while spam rates have decreased and email-based malware has also registered lower levels, new malware variants have appeared.

So, according to analysts no less than 57.6 million new malware variants have appeared in June, while up to 44.5 million were created only in the month of May. This means that the attacks and potential of huge thefts have increased. Attackers have found a series of new modalities to attack accounts and this is something extremely concerning.

Analysts also revealed that the business domains targeted by attackers defer from one month to another. For instance, in June, attackers have less targeted the manufacturing industry, which commonly is a primary target.

However, it remains the largest sector that is attacked. It is followed by the combined finance, insurance and real estate sector, and the combined services and professional sector, immediately after.

The Symantec report revealed now also indicated that despite what anyone might think, spear-phishing attacks are mostly aimed at smaller companies, including here companies that have less than 250 employees. However, the report explained that each business sector is commonly affected and the levels could vary from one month to another.

The Symantec report concluded that email spam rates have decreased, but having under consideration the numerous new malware variants, this could just be the calm before the storm. Spam has existed ever since the email was invented.

There is no wonder after all that it has its own folder in the email menu. Therefore, stronger anti-malware programs might be needed in the near future, to be able to keep up with the upcoming malware which is said to become more potent and destructive.

Meanwhile, users are recommended to keep their anti-virus programs up to date and of course be careful at any malware signs.


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