Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Acer Switch 10 E Comes with Interesting Specs

The Acer Switch line is probably one of the most interesting and favorite lines on the market. Moreover, the Acer Switch line created a perfect combination with Windows 8, offering all kind of ads and functionalities. These days, Acer has released another hybrid called the Switch 10 E. This new device keeps its screen and keyboard connected via a magnetic hinge, making it easier to use compared with other hybrids.

As it was earlier mentioned, the Acer Switch 10 E comes with a magnetic connection, which the company calls the Snap Hinge. Moreover, this interesting 10-inch model is available in six colors, offering a soft textured finish that feels and looks more premium than it costs.

Acer Switch 10 E is available at the price of 349 dollars, making it an affordable device on the hybrid market.

However, when updating to Windows 10, hybrids will probably have some problems at first, because they will not be as powerful as they were when they operated on Windows 8. Probably, after a while, they will became more touch-friendly and will offer a nice exploring experience.

To be added that Windows 10 is also well-optimized for low-power systems such as the Acer Switch 10 E.

At the price of 349 dollars, this hybrid is full-featured enough for basic productivity, even if it comes with a serious budgetary concession. Some of these concessions are a top-heavy design and the lack of full-size ports and connections. Yes, Acer Switch 10 E is a little heavy for its size and gives the impression that it weighs more than a 13-inch laptop.

However, there are a few other problems, including the touchscreen that sometimes is not as responsive as it should be. Seeing all these problems, customers might think that there are a lot of compromises, but they should remember that this hybrid is a low-cost device.

Giving its price, Acer Switch 10 E offers a large variety of features that customers will not have on a hybrid on this range. It is not easy to find a hybrid with a decent touchscreen, a good battery life and a large storage at this price.

As for its design, from the outside, this hybrid looks pretty great. It comes with a patterned cross-hatch texture across the outside lid, which is perfect for keeping the fingerprints away. Moreover, it weighs 2.8 pounds, which means a lot of weight for a 10-inch display model.

Probably, the best attraction at its design is the magnetic hinge. This magnetic hinge makes a very powerful connection between the display and the portable keyboard. The connection is so powerful that users will need two hands to pull the screen away from the keyboard. However, the two parts are easy to fit together, so there will be no problem connecting them.

Users will find a full-size USB 2.0 port located into the keyboard base, while all other connections are placed in the tablet half. For example, the SD card and HDMI ports are located on the left edge of the screen. The micro-USB port is also used for charging, so owners will have to wait while it is charging with the purpose to use the port.


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