Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Google Glass Update to be Released Soon

Google Glass fans should be happy to find out that a new version of the device might be coming out soon. So, reports indicate that the second-generation Google Glass is in the works and may be released sooner than what everyone imagines.

The official announcement on the new release was actually made by Massimo Vian, the CEO of Luxottica, an Italian eyewear manufacturer. The purpose of this partnership was in fact to help the Glass become more stylish.

Luxottica actually became one of Google's partners more than a year ago, the Italian company being involved in the development process of the Google Glass.

This means that the rumors are without a doubt true, although Google has not confirmed the claims yet. Luxottica's CEO did not reveal the date when the next-generation wearable device will be out. However, it has been said that the product will most likely be released between February and March, next year.

What to expect from the second-generation Google Glass?

second generation Google Glass
Well, the most important thing that the tech giant seems to be willing to do is to change the image of this product.

If the first generation device was mostly seen as a new toy for tech passionate, the new Google Glass plans on being a useful and interesting product for the average customer. The selling and marketing strategy will be conducted by Tony Fadell, a lead of Google's Nest division.

In terms of specs, there is not much available to discover at this point. Previously, it has been claimed that this new generation will be cheaper, to become an option for a wider range of customers.
The first Google Glass was available at the cost of around $1500. 

If Google plans on targeting the average customer, the product definitely has to become more affordable than that. Other rumors indicated that the new Google Glass will be equipped with a longer-lasting battery.

However, what analysts seem to wonder at this point is if Google will manage to win over the market with a lower cost and some improved specs.

Actually, some claimed that the reason why the first generation Google Glass wasn't the success that the tech giant hoped to be is in fact linked to the so called awkwardness factor. It seems that the Google Glass is hard to sell because the market is not ready for this product.

Following the introduction of this product on the market, a series of scandals emerged. People got into different arguments on how this device invaded privacy.

Many bars and restaurants decided to ban customers from wearing the device, to avoid disputes and scandals. Others claimed that the product was one that stalkers would use, being quite dangerous.

So, analysts believe that if Google wants the second generation Glass to be better received on the market, it has to change its concept and usability from something that would cause controversy or privacy concerns to something that people would consider a must for fast access to technology.

The Google Glass was first released in 2013. Following its lack of success, Google decided to discontinue the product.


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