Monday, August 17, 2015

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LG releases G Pad X8.3

Tablets are quite similar to smartphones. These devices are very compact, easy to use and can be taken by users wherever they go. However, these tablets cannot be used at their full capacity if they haven’t got a Wi-Fi connection, because they can’t access the Internet.

Well, with this new tablet the problem is probably solved, because it features a 4G LTE connection. Even if it hasn’t got a futuristic design and looks like an average tablet from the outside, the LG G Pad X8.3 has some unique features.

This new tablet comes with an 8.3-inch screen and features an IR blaster, a full USB port and stylus. Even if it can’t be compared with high-end tablets like Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the new LG G Pad X8.3 has some rare specs that can be considered quite unique on the tablet market.

Probably, the main lack on this tablet is a greater design and some cutting-edge features. IR blaster is one of the interesting features that users can find on this tablet and can be used as a remote control, while the USB port allows them to connect a flash drive full of their favorite movies, music or pictures.

Another piece of accessory that this tablet has is the stylus, which will allow users to navigate the tablet easily and take quick notes.

However, one of the main attractions on this tablet is the 4G LTE cellular capability. With this new addition, users will have the opportunity to enjoy Netflix or navigate the WEB wherever they get a cell signal. This tablet is available at the price of 299 dollars, which is not so cheap, knowing the fact that at this price users could find other tablets that can be considered more interesting.

LG G Pad X8.3 comes with a simple design that will not jump into customer’s eyes and has flat edges and sharp corners. However, it feels pretty comfortable in hand and the flat edges and thick bezels allow users to rest their fingers without touching the screen.

LG G Pad X8.3 has on the back an aluminum panel with a metallic finish that’s framed by a black plastic border. This is not a bad thing, because aside of providing a soft feeling, it will also provide a bit of personality for the tablet. The stylus can be found into a hole that is placed on the bottom left corner of the tablet. This stylus is super light, thin and measures approximately 5 inches. Users will not have to worry about losing it, as it securely fits into its hiding place. Moreover, on the top edge of the tablet there are located the full USB port, IR blaster, headphone jack and microphone pinhole. The power button, volume rocker and the microSD slot can be found on the right and left edge of the device.

LG G Pad X8.3 comes with a pure version of Android 5.0 Lollipop and it is powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Adreno 405 GPU and 16GB of internal
memory. To be mentioned that users can expand the memory via microSD slot up to 128GB.


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